Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This Day of Questionable Judgement

Progress Continues!

Though not without complication.  #0 has been a bit irritated with me since I wrote about their Tyrian counterpart on a post for a RP 'job' for the players of Guild Wars 2. Surprisingly sensitive, #0. In any case I am striving to cut down on irritating them. Ever since we shutdown Retekra Industries they have if anything only gotten more anxious about reprisals. I intend to leave them out of future writing efforts and otherwise try to reduce their stress level.

Something we've done HAS irked our enemies however. Though to say their sense of humor is twisted beyond mirth is a profound understatement- this time however they've actually done something very funny. They've threatened to expose the project Retekra deduced the partial nature of themselves.

Given they would have to expose their own possession of similar shall we say... under-regulated technology, which they have ALREADY abused terribly- Well, now I see a bit of where Retekra gets their hideously deranged incompetence from, if outlandish heritage claims could be said to have any merit.

Ah, but I am no doubt losing the audience- not that I presume very many not scouring it for intel to use against us read the bloody thing.

 Meanwhile it's a good day for science in general. In most places.

For examples of it going wrong, there is always Sadly, This is Not the Onion.

Where on this day you can find where an university's students have protested a Mexican restaurant handing out sombreros because it's racist. I'm sure they're very proud of themselves, for far too long have people near the University of East Anglia been inflicting the unspeakable act of wearing novelty hats while eating Mexican food. Mexico was going to threaten war over that any day now.

Yes, why on earth would they be concerned with the fact their country has an alarmingly large percentage of it effectively under the rule of drug cartels when British people could be eating a burrito in comical attire.

Meanwhile in yet another example of Zealotry leading idiots to effectively campaign against their own supposed goals, 'hardcore' vegans have been protesting to get dog meat put on the menu. Please do take a close look at the photos. These people have convinced themselves that railing about how people will eat cows, but not dogs, means they are horrible hypocrites. As if people who ate meat took some sacred vow to consume all animal life.

"Oh, oh, you eat COW?! Well, why don't you eat DOG?! Why not KITTENS?! Why not Platypus?! I don't see you eating the AUSTRALIAN CONE SNAIL, HYPOCRITE!"

But for two silly and bad ideas I note Sadly, This is Not the Onion does not always promote such.

In fact, today it refers to a silly and GOOD idea as Kansas Governor Sam Brownback declares October "Zombie Preparedness Month".

It's terribly silly and dovetails all too well with Rural U.S. fantasies in which they get to fire off shotguns slightly more gratuitously- but to effect. Yet, it does promote good habits that may well serve all the citizens of Kansas in the event of any number of catastrophes, such as tornadoes, which Kansas is certainly not unfamiliar with.

So, please, more of the last and less of the first two, world.

Thanks in advance.

Also Retekra is soon to get his blog privileges back. He lost them recently after trying to sneak in edits to one of the few parts of his blog he is not allowed to edit.

I am being told that this will be good and that when he's writing his deranged babble- primarily about rubbish marijuana-fueled 'philosophical' posts from others on Tumblr- they are much more manageable. I'm taking the handler's word for it as to do otherwise would mean talking to Retekra myself.


Progress continues.

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