Wednesday, November 9, 2016

They Finally Did It.

Progress continues. At home that is... without me... Well.

In the U.S. it's... Well, antigress. There was no candidate that should have been elected as opposed to arrested. Yet one HAD to win just like America HAD to lose.

Yes, the votes are in and the next President of the United States of America is...

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton on being the only candidate objectively proven to be capable of losing to Donald John Trump. Not only capable, but so certain to lose that over one billion dollars raised and the collective weight of the mainstream media couldn't overcome her poorly concealed corruption, utter lack of charisma and less than rousing battle cry of 'At least I'm Not Trump.'

Hopefully multiple worlds theory is correct and I can at least rest assured that in a nearby dimension a me is applauding a President Sanders on a well-earned victory.

Even if it means in farther away dimension a me is applauding the efficiently bloody coup of an animatronic Hitler, and/or being executed by one.

But more musing on multiple worlds another time.

America's Next President is Donald John Trump Senior.

So what does this mean? Well what we will likely see is that Trump is not as bad as claimed while simultaneously still not good.

The wealthy and corporations who had prepaid deals with Hillary Clinton will now have to write off those losses on those few taxes they still pay and start negotiations with Trump on their back-room deals. It'll be a bit more expensive but a small price to pay to override the will of the filthy poors which they are even more justified in running roughshod over now.

I mean, they elected TRUMP, those peasants!

Meanwhile they will conveniently forget they helped prop up Trump as he was the only Republican Hillary (whom they also propped up) really had a chance against at all- not because Republicans are good but because she is THAT BAD.

In the background, floating in a sad dance on the air currents of the political mushroom cloud that marked where faith the the DNC once was, will be Bernie Sanders- the man who could have prevented this.

He will be recognized for this by a select enlightened few who hopefully do well by him, but by many others eager to shift the blame on absolutely anyone else but themselves and The Chosen One...

Well, probably not.

Gee, sure was worth the DNC breaking nigh every rule it had to ensure Hillary was nominated over Sanders wasn't it?

Fascinating though, the terrifying predictive power of the Simpsons.

Well at least nuclear war with Russia became a bit less likely. Syria is still screwed though.

In any case, everyone can relax. It barely mattered which of these terrible people was elected! Trump isn't going to do all the terrible things Hillary fans said he would. That was just bullshit meant to keep the tools tooling along out of fear. They're all friends.

Hell, Trump isn't going to do a fraction of the terrible things HE said he'd do.

No, he won't even have Hillary indicted for her many many crimes. More than that, if anyone does try to hold her accountable he will almost certainly pardon her. Why not? After all...

She got him elected President.

Progress continues.

Friday, October 14, 2016

New Science!

There is a call to restart Science!

Seemingly under the impression that since Isaac Newton was white and Science doggedly refuses to confirm shamans can use black magic to attack people with lightning (please watch the video for confirmation), there is a call to just... wipe the Science slate clean in the name of decolonization.

Unsurprisingly to most, but not the Chairwoman of the panel, this elicited considerable laughter- but I felt compelled to note that there could be benefits to the intrepidly lazy individual.

I employ a simple program to make youtube comments on my behalf and if the comments sound especially like something I would say I thumbs it up myself. Generally the amusing ones. This time the program truly nailed it.

If we're starting Science over, I call dibs on discovering the Speed of Light, E = MC Squared and Peanut Butter.

Other commentators called dibs on things like The Wheel, which prompted the program to demand Transistors and Moore's law- which would have been Arketer's Law henceforth.

I deleted that one as it's important not to get too greedy.

Indeed, if this took place we could supplant all of the greatest names in Science with our own! Think of the Scientific Glory!

We just have to, you know, not think about how that spits on the memory of all the great men and women of history of all ethnicities.

I will say that Thomas Edison probably deserves it though.

That poor elephant...

Anyhow these activists are a splinter of the Fallists, who advocate for free college- something I quite agree with. The smug establishment laughs at that as much as the people here laugh at the concept of starting Science over.

The difference, I would say, is that american colleges could be entirely funded with a tax on speculative trading and a gentle nip of the massively bloated military budget that misplaced... what was it... three trillion dollars? Six? Clearly they wouldn't miss that money when they can't even find it. It's all vastly more practical than restarting Science.

But if Science is restarted, I'm claiming those dibs and also the discovery of Electricity, which will henceforth be called Arketricity.

Normally I would end this with a chosen video of comical nature but I think it's already been covered.

I would like to recommend some obscure twits on Twitter for those interested in Danish culture however.

Thanks also to "My Buddy Craywin" for sharing the video above with me.

Progress continues!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Toxic Definition of Rational Self Interest


Hillary Clinton's expensive Speech Transcripts are out now despite her best efforts. Summary : 'It's important to lie to the public but I'd never lie to YOU, Wall Street.' 

So, basically what pretty much everyone already knew.

It was novel to read words she's said and find myself willing to believe she was sincere, she was paid quite well for her honesty after all.

Trump, meanwhile, said horrible things in the past as well as the present and is likewise an embarrassment to the nation. I hardly doubt that he too has "...a public and a private position."

To back away from all that gradually, like one might from a startled rattlesnake, let me segue into the sort of narcissistic madness/idiocy that has led to this mess and has become ENTIRELY too commonplace in the ruling elite of that country and some others- not to mention among my own personal detractors.

If you were to ask any of these fools what drives them they might in a rare moment of candor say Rational Self Interest. The 'rational' part is what makes it good and wholesome you see. This is a term I hear far too often in studies such as this one below which shall serve as the basis for my tirade.

Rational self interest is all too often defined as 'what gets me, personally, more things' and here there is no exception.

I cannot understand how these people can take any pride in their own intellect when 'People resent being taken advantage.' can be implied to be irrational. 

According to 'Rational Self Interest' people should be HAPPY to take even the most trivial of shares because it's technically more than they had before- just like it's perfectly rational and good to take as much of the money for yourself as you can get away with.

It's a farce!

This definition of rational self interest operates on the objectivist conceit that the only thing of value involved is the money. THIS is why the results, apparently, regularly baffle them.

But it is quite plainly false. Humans are social creatures, we have evolved to- in varying degrees- cooperate and work with each other. To do this in a manner that benefits us individually there is an intrinsic value in encouraging fairness and punishing the abusive in order to weave a social fabric that will support everyone as close to equally as possible and thus ourselves.

So, when in The Ultimatum Game someone rejects an offensive offer they are not simply throwing away money, they are stressing that the intangible concept of fairness or justice is worth considerably more than the money on offer. They are making a very rational purchase for themselves indeed.

If any player is failing to heed actual rational self interest, it is the player taking or trying to take a Lion's share of the money. That shows they are failing to consider on any level that they will not always be the one making the offer. They are calling it moral behavior in the video above- but I would say it is not simply moral but indeed quite rational.

Ah, I seem to be approaching the rattlesnake again. So be it.

Have a higher-quality Presidential Debate.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Anyone Else 2016!

(In which I compile one big rant about the dismal state of my country of origin's decaying political system.)

Progress continues without me.

Not that I haven't been busy, since my effective exile I have proven more than capable of evading my would-be captors but not without effort. Soon though, I will have secured a proper location to bunker down in and probably go slowly insane or simply inane for want of work.

Speaking of the insane and inane, as I mentioned before I owe my freedom in part to America's election 2016 which has distracted my nemesi as the illusion of choice that has kept America's oligarchy puttering along has reached perhaps a new level of transparency.

Now the Partisans are having to prove truly mental gymnasts to explain why their color of cancer is the slightly better cancer to keep feeding into the Oval Office.

"There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution."
- John Adams, 1780

The problem is, there is no clear lesser evil. Oh, I know what many might read this and think- But, but, Trump is a monster!

Well, the problem there is that while Trump may be a monster, his record of malfeasance so far as I am aware is purely fiscal. He hasn't been complicit in the rigging of any elections. Between him and Hillary, he was the more democratically chosen candidate as the RNC didn't rig the system in his favor. To vote for Hillary is to not just turn a blind eye to corruption, but reward it.

Between this and all of the terrifyingly sinister war industry money crossing over from the Republican Party to Hillary, just about every American paying attention has cause to wonder if Trump really is the more disastrous potential President.

But they are, make no mistake, both utterly disastrous and Trump is no game changer.

You see, if an American votes for Trump, the establishment laughs. That voter has proven the idiot peasant they believe most people (roughly 90%) to be and while Trump is not their first choice they know that Trump is nothing if not For Sale. So should he win, it just might be somewhat more expensive to get what they want.

If an American votes Hillary, the establishment smugly chuckles- because what was that American going to do, vote TRUMP?! Which is all to plan as Hillary isn't just for sale, she's sold. From pushing fracking throughout the world to destabilizing countries and promising lucrative military conflicts- she's there for her Buyers.

Trump will probably do the same, but lacks pre-existing deals aside of whatever he might have made with Bill Clinton when Bill asked him to run.

No, the Democrat and Republican parties don't fear Trump votes.

They fear Jill Stein and (to a lesser extent) Gary Johnson votes.

A viable third party would do irrevocable damage to Republican and Democrat establishments as it would break their monopoly on political expression and undo decades of collaboration to subvert the will of the american public.

To say the election this year is a train wreck is somewhat unfair to train wrecks. When a train wreck occurs, it doesn't usually skid on for the better part of a year and in the process reveal it went off of the tracks decades ago.

So, one of the largest areas of agreement between Trump and Hillary besides building a wall is pressing the falsehood that if you vote third party, you are voting for Trump/Hillary (whichever you hypothetically dislike more).

It's the Hillary supporters that push this hardest, given much of Stein's support comes from all of the Millennials who failed to be wooed by Hillary's rallying cry of 'No We Can't'. After all, if you don't support Hillary Trump will win and that will be your fault, right?

Not the fault of the corruption in the DNC that presented what has proven to be quite possibly the worst possible candidate to run against Donald John Trump Senior and rigged the game to ensure Hillary's self-coronation. Nope, that's not their fault- it's yours, so fall in line peasant.

This tactic of sneering at people until they bow has, surprisingly, failed to work quite as well as some idiot surely imagined.

So with both parties and candidates certain to work hard at nothing more than tanking the United States in idiotic and novel new ways for personal profit I for one can only hope more people see fit to go Green.

After all, Jill Stein would really have to sexually mutilate a hobo on live TV to be quite as objectively unappealing as the 'official' choices and even then would STILL have more credibility.

But all too few Americans will vote Stein this time because the odds of her winning are far too long- and they are. It's vanishingly unlikely. Americans want to win, they want to vote for the winner- and quite frankly most of them will do that even if the winner will bend them over a barrel in the exact same manner.

What manner of winning is that?

Voting Stein is important not because it will help her win this election but because it might just help her win the next. Because there is no rational vote for Trump OR Hillary. Because it is the soul of Democracy to vote for the candidate you believe will look out for your best interests and not for the one who will MAYBE use lube as they screw you over.

If I sound mad, it's because I am.

Being fair though, being on the run is perhaps not helping my mood.

Progress continues.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

On The Run

Progress Continues! Just... without me for the time being.

If you've been reading along, you may recall there were some sizable changes along with the events described within the last update. We saved the world from aggressive mutated flesh-eating cows, I became an adoptive father and I ordered the mental restructuring of my deranged Illuminati-crafted clone, "Dr." Retekra.

You might also note that it has been quite some time since that last update, and thus suspect that one of these things may not have gone very well. You would be somewhat correct if so.

The elimination of the Mad Vegan's Battle Cattle was a success and his infant daughter has grown to be a thriving, bouncing baby girl I count myself fortunate to be the guardian of, albeit my monitoring of them has had to be via proxy. No, the problem was what I now see to be a rather overbold plan to reform Retekra. Even though I would insist it was quite successful a small group of henchpeople and project leads, led by Drs. G, Ab, and L went straight to the ethics review board and protested.

The ethics review board ultimately ruled against me as while they found the newly reformed former Retekra objectively improved in being certifiably sane and quite emotionally stable despite something of an identity crisis- the original Retekra was still technically sentient and warranted more in the way of existential protection under the circumstances. They additionally could not rule out the possibility my efforts were motivated more by offended vanity than any desire to rehabilitate.

I myself would insist my primary motivation was to further secure the well-being of my new heir, but such details are almost impossible to prove. In any case I found and still find no fault in the ERB's assessment and conclusion, it was perfectly just. You could perhaps see the problem I had, being the ultimately autocratic head of Arketer Labs. Fortunately the ERB and most of the complainants were quite reasonable and thus I am now mostly suspended from my duties and in a sort of exile for an as-of-yet uncertain period of time.

Zero has thoroughly cursed me out for being a fool, but this should serve to make it clear that no one at Arketer Labs may take ethical matters lightly. Not even me.

I would like to to actually thank almost all of those who objected and stress again that I have no ill-will towards any of them save one of the Doctors who I have ascertained was and is motivated solely by blind ambition- going so far as to attempt to inform our enemies of my whereabouts. You know who you are, and I suspect your peers do as well. The Ethics Review Board will convene on this and I hope to see you soon.

So, where does this leave me? On the run.

My enemies know I am removed from Arketer Labs facilities and that this presents an incredibly valuable opportunity to secure or eliminate my personage. If this were not an election cycle in the U.S. threatening to go spectacularly awry right now, I might have been caught already. My heir is perfectly safe at least, under the care of the reformed former Retekra in well-secured secrecy.

I will be documenting my survival here, though as usual Zero will be editing the content for grammar and any information that might doom me.

Progress continues!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Battle Cattle Aftermath

Progress continues!

Albeit not on Deep Seven. We've hit a few new snags there. If anyone has been checking up on this you may note I have neglected it for quite awhile now, my apologies. After much argument I have finally received a stamp of acceptability from #0 to post this selectively fictionalized account.

First there is a small matter of background. Arketer Labs has from it's founding made a policy of discretely recruiting some of the finest minds in the world- before they become famous and thus much more conspicuous to excuse the absence of from polite society. We're quite tolerant of eccentricity but do have to refrain from taking on the odd recruit who fails for psychiatric reasons.

Such was the case of one Mr. Cooper. Exceptionally intelligent ,Mr. Cooper simultaneously scored very highly for malignant misanthropy which he expressed with a PETA-on-steroids perspective. Over the course of their his vetting process we learned of his clandestine efforts to release animals from laboratory studies- ranging from sleep studies to infectious disease research- on to much more troubling attempts to poison the meat and dairy supplies of grocery stores and restaurants.

Their recruitment was canceled, though an effort was made by the recruiter to advise Cooper towards more productive enterprises. Post graduation, the now-Doctor Cooper elected to vanish and for a great deal of time his whereabouts were unknown, not that we were paying any particular attention.

That was, until the Battle Cattle outbreak.

I would note that I personally have nothing against genetically modified foods as a concept. Indeed the field has tremendous potential for tending to the problem of world hunger, though that potential is largely wasted by companies such as Monsanto who use it solely to get richer and make farmers their economical gimps. That said I think we can all agree that genetically modifying food to bite back is a terrible idea.

Most of us anyway. It would seem at some point Dr. Cooper had it pointed out to him that if Cows, Chickens etc. were simply released into the wild wholesale there is a fair chance all that would result is the extinction of these cultivated species as they are torn apart by the more competitive wildlife. Thus Mr. Cooper bent his scruples regarding the usage of animals in pursuit of restoring the bovine breed to an imagined wild ideal.

Making use of an inherited personal fortune as well as funding from the more dramatic fringes of Greenpeace he, along with a company of true-believer personality cultists, established a crude but effective facility for tinkering with the genome of beef to shape what I would call an utterly new breed of beast that remained herd-oriented but with enhanced intelligence, horns, development cycle and an aggression level that rendered them utterly murderous and in a darkly comical twist mostly carnivorous.

Dr. Cooper's Cows were battle-ready from birth, which played a major role in how his plan was to unfold. Records show his people discretely tampered with the pregnancies of 30 meat and dairy cows, treating them with a surprisingly advanced retro-viral cocktail that reshaped the fetal calf into his new monster.

This did create complications for the mothers of these calfs, with many having difficulty in delivering. Regrettably the precise cause for this was not apparent to the attending veterinarians until they reached into a bovine uterus only to pull back a stump, at which point the calf would inevitably rip it's way free. Dr. Cooper had designed them in the confidence that the calves would be able to kill the 'human oppressors' and take over the present herd thus providing the species with 'natural independence'.

You may note that we are well into 'utterly mad science' territory. As is often the case with such, things went out of control quickly. Dr. Cooper's true believers were in place to observe the birth of the first calves and while initially thrilled with the gruesome end of the unfortunate veterinarians and other handlers were horrified to note that the Battle Cattle went out of their way to kill just about everything in the area, especially the unmodified bovines.

The plan further fell apart as Dr. Cooper assumed the surviving Battle Cattle would leave the area, which they did not. Instead they established a hierarchy amongst themselves via combat that resulted in considerable injuries and more than one fatality among the remaining calves. Fortunately for us all, they then stayed in the immediate area together to feed on the slain cows and human staff which enabled a responding militia to surround and take out the beasts with a tremendous amount of gunfire.

The local government, at an utter loss as to how this all happened, elected to suppress any reporting of it instead. Partially effective, this Mad Cow Disease outbreak still managed to catch the attention of a listening post for one of our facilities. With considerable discretion and fearing this was some manner of trap given the known enemies of Arketer Labs we did manage to find and capture one of Dr. Cooper's underlings, one of the observers of the initial 'birthing'.

I would personally count them every bit as insane as their leader but after what they saw and as wracked with guilt they were over the deaths of 'those poor gentle cows' they did prove surprisingly cooperative and provided the location of Dr. Cooper's facility, a de-commissioned slaughterhouse in the same country. The underling in question urged us to stop his former leader before 'The Release'.

The ever-humble CZSS squad 2 (Deus Deuces) was discreetly deployed alongside the now-internally-famous CZSS squad 8 (Crazy Eights) to secure the facility and prevent the mass-release of the Battle Cattle we were informed were being bred there.

Unfortunately, we were far too late. CZSS 8 and 2 arrived to find the Battle-Cattle  had been released but once again did not scatter to conquer the wilds so much as stay and kill everything in the area that is not them, which was in this case the near-entirety of Dr. Cooper's Cult.

With a bit of work it was determined that the Battle Cattle did not seem to recognize machinery as either alive nor a threat, thus 2 and 8 were able to explore the facility remotely- though in shifts so as to enable squad members to avoid being overwhelmed at the excessive amounts of blood and gore. In this manner it was a simple manner to secure a copy of all available records and research data from the facility's computers- most of which were not so much as password-protected. Much more difficult, however, was how to handle the discovery of two survivors- an adult and an infant in a hardened room of the facility.

Ultimately we resolved to secure the roof of the facility and cut our way to the entrance of the panic room. The Battle Cattle were far more agile than your average cow but lacked rooftop access or any real ability to climb, leaving it the perfect staging point for a rescue attempt.

The rescue went well up until the panic room was opened, at which point the smell of the occupants- trapped within for days as they had been- unexpectedly drove the Battle Cattle herd into a frenzy. The entire mass charged into the building, many wounding each other in a blood-crazed attempt to assault the survivors and rescue team. The rescue team was able to evacuate the infant, but found the barriers in place insufficient to stop the onslaught. The team was recalled to the roof and the panic room sealed just in time.

Unfortunately the assault of the Cattle on the door of the panic room damaged the locking mechanism, effectively jamming it shut. When the remaining survivor was informed of this, she reportedly appeared relieved- before screaming at the rescue team to take her daughter to safety. Attempts at reason proved ineffective and had to be cut short when the survivor claimed to have activated the facility's self-destruction system. Though there was no record of such a system in the recovered data it was decided to err on the side of caution and the rescue team was airlifted away from the premises. Five minutes later, the modified slaughterhouse facility exploded, taking the creatures- which had crowded into the building in their frenzy, with it.

Going over the retrieved data, including security camera footage, we were able to confirm no Battle Cattle survived. We additionally learned that this was Dr. Cooper's final act. The development of these creatures had utterly expended his resources and although the bad Doctor's field test at the ranch went poorly he was in no position to work out the flaws. These details seem to have caused something of a mental break, leading him to release the remaining creatures personally before word of the fate of the cows at the ranch could spread among his underlings.

He was the first casualty. Fortunately for his daughter, what might be considered his common-law wife anticipated his actions and sealed herself and the child in the panic room thus escaping the carnage. At least until our ill-fated rescue attempt.

Every effort has been undertaken to ensure what remains could be found were interred respectfully, if rather anonymously.

This event has left us with a bit of aftermath in the form of the very young girl, the very name of whom was lost along with the facility. Her parents were not the wisest, but the child is surely blameless and whatever might be said of the Mad Dr. Cooper- he was certainly a genius. His work will be put to far better use in the future.

And this leads us to my resolution to adopt the child as my own. I will of course need help in this endeavor and have arranged for it in the somewhat more aggressive reformation of 'Dr.' Retekra Frodd who I have basically ordered 'reset' with an extensive... Well, we'll call it a reformatting.

Complaints have been registered with the ethics board and I do understand your points of view, but would challenge you all to get the individual who was Retekra Frodd to agree they were better off as a ranting egomaniac out of touch with reality, incapable of so much as the correct usage of a caps-lock.

He's seen the videos of his previous self and the writings both on the wall and in the short-lived blog from when Retekra was still capable of completing an entire three sentences before the inarticulate screaming fits.

Please note additionally that while I have a Daughter my work performance will not wane. Given the projects I am part of neither Arketer Labs nor my new ward shall want for my time. That said, I do intend to curtail some of my side projects, such as this blog.

Which is to say, I won't be writing for it very often indeed. It will not be dead however. Not exactly.

That wraps up this report-up-to-the-moment, if anyone has been checking in on this regularly I hope you can understand why I have been rather too preoccupied to maintain the previous update schedule.

Progress continues!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Society Must Compensate for Total Automation.

Progress continues.

As of the writing of this the Memorial service for our fallen colleague is freshly concluded, but that will not be the end of his memory. For those of you who asked, his real name is on record and his work will be credited under that name at the appropriate time as usual.

Now, we look back to the future.

There is reason to be concerned.

This is going to be an array of videos I would very much like any viewer here to watch.

This first one articulates most of the problems. Unfortunately all of the robots it demonstrates were specialist pieces. Not, really, that intimidating in practice. Baxter, for example, is more or less locked into position.

That won't be true for that much longer.

Now, no one should reasonably be able to accuse me of being a luddite, I and Arketer Labs have always been about furthering technology for the betterment of the human quality of life. We have pointedly eschewed weapons technology in favor of purely defensive technologies.

But weapons are not the only threat technology poses. This upcoming robot revolution will soon render certain economic systems utterly obsolete. Most pointedly, with all labor moving to complete automation capitalism becomes utterly unacceptable in anything approaching a pure system.

No one not already at the top wants to see a new Techno-Feudalism wherein the poor, unable to find work in any capacity, are left to starve. That's a shortcut to a bloody war indeed, either internally or first externally in an effort to distract.

But that's not inevitable. One more video.

This plays directly into politics, into the American 2016 election especially. Bernie Sanders is the man to push for the changes the U.S. needs to avoid social collapse. The status-quo is incompatible with a positive future, only a future wherein the super-rich only get richer and everyone else increasingly struggles to eat.

Bernie, the oldest candidate, is the only one who isn't living in the past. Education and health care for all is only the beginning.

Robots may end up making and selling EVERYTHING, but they won't buy any of it.

Naturally, I'm pulling for the ROBOTS FOR EVERYONE future rather than the ROBOTS ONLY FOR THE RICH one.

Then all we have to worry about is ensuring our smarter, faster, stronger helpers have sufficient empathy as to ensure they don't purge us as inefficient relics.

Palette cleanser!

Progress continues.