Friday, September 18, 2015

Frustrations and Madness

Progress continues.

Largely without me, as it turns out. I suspect #0 has been quite pleased to have my focus on making something of this Guild Wars 2 guild. Precious little presents a security concern given that we do not, in fact, produce clockwork battle proxies.

Progress on that Guild has been something of a pain, I admit. I would think given my other work this should have been an easy hobby- but I have certainly learned a measure of humility, only a good thing.

Though I am increasingly irritated on the Tyrian Director's behalf. I'm considering making a short list of the most obnoxious role-players. The ones who are condescending, hostile, and smugly emote at length about how great their character is and how bad yours is in order to criticize without inviting in-character retort.

Really, while they do much to support Arena Net's intimations that Human culture is decadent and backward- full of people consoling themselves with the gilded trappings of faded glory as their collective fate circles the drain and other more industrious races leave them behind...

It makes it that much harder to maintain the Tyrian Director's idealism that they SHOULD be saved. If Arena Net ever does decide to have an Elder Dragon destroy the Reach, I am going to have a very hard time maintaining the Tyrian Director's logical horror at the terrible loss of life while I myself am laughing.

I may let the Tyrian Director become slightly less civil and nice.

In hindsight, I am perhaps making the grave mistake of caring entirely too much about these imaginary things. Instead let me shift focus to these things which are also imaginary.

As I mentioned in the last update we captured the 'head' of Retekra Industries, a body double of myself who apparently continues to sincerely believe they some sort of upgrade to me. "Doctor" Retekra Rotcerid.

We've attempted to determine some less idiotic name for them, but they refuse to respond to anything short of Doctor Retekra.

Studies into why they are as profoundly messed up however have borne some fruit. It's no shock at all that they are insane. What IS shocking is that they're alive at all.

Here, I represent a perfectly normal and sane individual.

As you can see, the readings reflect this.

"Doctor" Retekra Rotcerid, on the other hand, even once persuaded to sit still three sets of broken electrodes later...

Has readings that roughly resemble this

This was the closest to normalcy the readings came, even with sedation.
Next up is finding out how they were crafted, so to speak. They are a rush job of some sort, clearly, else the message here is that our antagonists have technology well beyond what we're working on. The implications of that are particularly terrifying, while simultaneously out of our hands.

Perhaps that is the real reason I have found perhaps entirely too much time to waste on this frivolous hobby.

My empathy is strained in dealing with them. They are quite objectively designed to be a mockery of me and everything I stand for. Imagine, if you will, suddenly having a twin brother who believes they are a better version of you- SINCERELY BELIEVES this- and is perpetually demanding you yield control of all your holdings to them so they may 'achieve their destiny' in conquering the world. Which they insist will happen with or without your cooperation.

I am acutely aware they didn't ask for this, and additionally quite aware that if their creators had things go to plan- their brains would have indelibly stained a section of the now defunct Retekra Industries facility, but it really is quite infuriating all the same.

I should simply be pleased that whatever indoctrination they've been subject to has rendered them non-violent. Loud, prone to maniacal rambling, but thus far entirely unwilling to physically touch anyone, much less strike them. They have, however, proclaimed the imminent "Doom" of everyone involved in their handling, including myself.

Maybe Kryta isn't QUITE that depressing in context.

Progress continues.

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