Monday, September 14, 2015


Progress continues!

Well, I have endorsement to share the good news. In vague terms.

So much like World War 2 was simply a military altercation, I am happy to report Retekra Industries has been shut down.

The stolen data can almost certainly never be 'retrieved' as such, but the mock company will no longer need to endure Raelians pestering them for the secrets to immortal clone-y life they presumably already have from their alien overlords.

No other companies have taken up Retekra Industries' sales pitches however, so it's quite possible that even if we haven't re-secured secrets then we have at least discouraged the agencies behind their theft from peddling them to the rich and powerful.

 There have been some troubling developments however.

Specifically they were 'lead' by one Doctor Retekra Rotcerid. I say 'lead' as by all accounts at this point he was largely ignored by the present staff. He's been captured, but not quite by design. They had a sinus-implanted explosive charge that one of the staff attempted to activate when it became clear that defense was a lost cause.

"Fortunately" for Dr. Retekra, as they insist loudly on being called, the detonator misfired. I put fortunately in quotes as, quite simply, I am not yet certain they would not have been better off.

Mr. Rotcerid has apparently been made to look just like me, no doubt another of the 'jokes' of the agency behind this. Worse, they seem to have the impression they are an 'upgrade' to me. Or, as they like to shriek now and again, that I am the "....insipid, tedious prototype devoid of a madness so great it defines transcendent genius..."

Studies are ongoing as to exactly what is wrong with them.
I'm sure we'll get along fantastically.

Still, the important thing is that Retekra Industries is at last dealt with. It's a good day.

Progress continues.

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