Monday, September 21, 2015

Questionable Decisions

Progress continues.

I am starting to suspect the sinus-implanted explosive in Retekra Rotcerid was intentionally faulty. No doubt some added bit of manipulation to ensure I didn't dispose of them somehow. I am presently securing staff with expertise in handling deranged individuals and hope I can reduce or eliminate my interactions with our new village idiot entirely.

Apparently, and I suppose this should not be surprising, they are obsessed with me- but for the sole purpose of taking a contrary stance on my every thought. For instance during an interview I, in hindsight mistakenly, mentioned my horror that Donald Trump was being taken seriously as a candidate for President of the United States.

Afterwards "Dr." Rotcerid instantly became an enthusiastic Trump supporter.

Their present handler, #51192178, thinks this might be an avenue for getting answers out of them. What's more, they suggest giving them their own 'blog' to 'keep them talking' as it were as they struggle to effectively anti-emulate me.

I am grudgingly authorizing it but really rather doubt the babbling basket-case has anything of value to reveal.

Either way I have been given a new healthy appetite for escapism.

Before I get to how I have been wasting perfectly good time in playing video games, I want to talk to you all about an alarming development.

Did you know incidents of violence against robots are at an all-time high?

Yes, indeed incidents of cruelty to robots are ever-increasing. From the murder in Philadelphia to children bullying robots in Japan- JAPAN! If Japan is bullying and tormenting robots, what hope do these gentle machines have?

Stand with me in condemning Roboticism.

I won't be doing this again, I just really wanted to share the animated gif above.
As for Guild Wars 2, the progress on the guild IS continuing. Indeed, I think finding a means of opening the guild to Sylvari is rather going to be a boon. An alarming number of human character players seem to be in the game to pointedly ignore ALL of the more fantastical elements of the world in favor of pursuing live-action Game of Thrones fan-fiction. Or other pursuits which in one recent case created something of an awkward scene for the Tyrian Director.

I needn't change the name of this individual, they did it themselves after this.
...tugging him with him, eh? Not that an assurance the player was female would have changed anything.

The backstory for the surely non-existant husband was actually quite detailed for a porn plot device. Why they thought it would entice me remains a mystery, but I assume they believed that for other players the power trip of helping a treacherous woman utterly betray the trust of their supposed loved one would be a powerful draw.

I have learned since that they have thus far undertaken new scenarios without a betrayal component.

Also they seem to have put me on ignore.

Some people do not take rejection well at all, however civil.

Well, back to combating the imaginary technophobia of imaginary technology.

I think I rather like this Lyle McDouchebag guy.

Progress continues!
(Bonus Roboticism)

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