Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Erp Classy

Progress Continues

GW2RP Secrets : Revealing that not all Roleplayers are Supermodels (shockingly)- or even particularly like-able.
I found this newest one amusing. Apparently the player gets into some manner of- we'll be generous and say 'romantic' relationship with their characters, acquire real photos of the other participating individual, and then apparently not only drop them if they fail to meet their aesthetic standards but roundabout see fit to call them old and ugly anonymously. While the snubbed may hopefully never know, it doesn't make the person posting less unpleasant.

I can't know what they look like, but I feel fairly confident in positing their ugliness goes a touch deeper whatever the state of their skin.

Not that virtual physical relationships are a terribly sane venture besides.

Also spare me your cynicism, cynical readers. I actually do look very much like my 'Main' character- as my profile might attest. Old and ugly past that point is as ever subjective. I am in no relationships In-Character in the game, nor shall I be. I don't expect my virtual avatar to be any less driven than myself and quite frankly feel no siren song toward Erotic Role Play.

I'm in this primarily to advocate for more human-made robots, everywhere and in everything, as has been established.
Not that I necessarily judge those who partake poorly- it's not objectively bad in any fashion, but like other people's genitals I don't particularly care to see it flopping about in public.

It's just discourteous to say the least.

The dedicated Erotic Role-Players do show a certain trend of poor taste in my opinion however. For instance, there have been more than a few who think there is a charm to Charr and Human pairings. Charr being massive were-bull-lion-dogs.

Unless such pairings prove to be the key to securing peace between the Charr and Human races- vanishingly unlikely Arena Net would go in that direction- I can't help but think that in any world they are only making things very awkward between the races.

That said, if that's what amuses them so be it. It doesn't make them bad people by any metric because nothing involved in this IS real. That piece of context should never really be forgotten.

Except for our anonymous secret whisperer of course, I doubt they were just pretending to be something of an ass when they posted that.

I can only hope they only wind up with someone comparably shallow. Two of them might just fill a kiddie pool.


The producers of this are also regularly exhibiting their craftsmanship on The Escapist, a worthy nerd entertainment aggrogator.

Progress Continues.

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