Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Worlds of Context

Progress Continues!

What can make a villain out of a hero, a wise person out of a fool, a weakling out of the mighty and all of this just as easily the reverse?


For example, someone I have mentioned before.
The conversion of a Villain into a Hero has a long and storied history. Venom's done it, the Juggernaut has done it- hell even The Joker has been briefly, vaguely heroic when faced with Nazis.
But perhaps the most noteworthy distinction is Doctor Victor von Doom who, as the Comic Book Lore stands, is engaged in a struggle to save Planet Earth by virtue of his own mechanomystical tyranny. He's an obnoxious condescending egomaniac but he's been written to be... right. Absolutely correct. Thus rather heroic.
The lower panel is actually a white panther/cat God(dess) of Wakanda/Egypt named Bast who, by the way, confirms Doom isn't lying. Comics are profound(ly silly). Also why is he holding a goblet? He can't possibly drink through that mask!
So, while all of the superheros of the world are fighting supervillains and Doom, it has been revealed that in the universe as it stands they should basically be helping Doom take over the world and retire because the alternative is apparently extinction.

Doctor Doom is a Hero. An unsympathetic unlikable Hero aspiring God Emperor of Earth. Or, since this is all fictional he has been rendered so and thus gives weight to possibility to the answer of a certain question posed in the video below being "Yes". At least for some of us.

On an vaguely related note, Freud was an overrated hack.

It could also be the latest product of Comic's long history of employing the finest writers minimum wage can buy.

Still, in the context of his universe, Doctor Doom is effectively not only a Hero but a hero on such a level that all the other heroes are closer to meddling villains than anything else.

This mighty power of context is why, if you would like to diminish the probability of you being/doing something foolish, when you make your judgments you should ever be collecting more of the context related to it. Additionally, this is why although you SHOULD be willing to judge others- you should never be in a rush to condemnation.

Due to the almost all-encompassing power of context, after all, you could always be wrong. We all could be.

Progress Continues.

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