Friday, June 12, 2015

These Are No Emperors in These Clothes

Progress Continues,

but let's laugh mean-spiritedly at the deluded rather than discuss it.

For those of you that may be unaware there is a group of people known as Sovereign Citizens.

If you are unwilling to slog through that wikipedia article- and I wouldn't blame you- Sovereign Citizens are at worst anarchists and at best hilariously deluded individuals who have sincerely convinced themselves they are not obligated to obey the laws of their respective countries.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, they are found most often in the U.S. and Canada.

They believe themselves entitled to any number of rights- mostly imaginary- that 'federal citizens' (everyone else) has forfeited in some fashion. By virtue of this they feel they don't have to do things like pay taxes, obey speed limits, or really anything they don't want to do while also entitled to do whatever else amuses them.

Let's see where this gets them, shall we?

And to finish things up, let's have a cameo from the King of Hawaii!

"David Russell Myrland filed the civil suit in U.S. District Court in Seattle with help from David Wynn Miller, another sovereign who claims he became the “king of Hawaii” in 1996 after turning that state’s name into a verb. (For the record, Miller prefers the “full-colon” spelling of his name, David-Wynn: Miller. Like many sovereigns who don’t recognize most state and federal laws, he claims the government uses grammar to enslave it(sic) citizens. By using hyphens and colons in their names, he claims, citizens can escape the grasp of government and its taxes.)"

It's far better to laugh at than cry for these individuals, chiefly because they're not going to be reached by either method when they are living in another world of their own creation that... will never quite override this one.

There is a way for these individuals to escape the grasp of the legal system that is both vastly simpler and far beyond reach, though.

It's called : Being Really Rich

Progress continues.

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