Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Altered States

(Note, the Director has recently undergone a medical operation requiring the application of strong painkillers, while under the influence they are unable to attend to most of their duties. This unfortunately did not stop them from attempting to update this security hazard they call a blog.

While it has been edited to remove anything dangerous it is fair to say that this entry may not be up to their usual standards. If there are standards. From what I have seen of internet 'blogs' that seems unlikely. #0)

Progress continues!

Isn't that great? And the world keeps getting better. Historically speaking. Assuming we haven't already killed ourselves from climate destabilization. Or maybe we saved ourselves ignorantly from an Ice-Age cull! The science of global climate change is insanely complicated and built on woefully incomplete information!

But science will fix that! Or it can. I want to have people on that one, I do, it's a biggie- but there's Deep 7 to worry about and all the other projects and all of the interference from- look, worse comes to worse we should be in a position to preserve scientific accomplishment and the human race as a whole in a worst case scenario.

It's like I have Director Arketer of Tyria doing, but, you know- without the public invites and whatnot. In the game, that is. Guild Wars 2.

Always wanted to pass this on, never quite fit.
Deep Seven is going to be great for that. A proper self-sufficient city under the sea- but nothing like Rapture. We're not Post-Objectivists, Ayn Rand was a shrill hypocrite. I know some people who resent that statement, but like those Finns say 'The Dog Yelps When The Stick Hits It".

Or something like that. Translation is rather tricky. You get the idea.

No man is an Island or person and whatnot. It's all an interconnected system that requires one to put considerable effort to extricate themselves from. The reason we did that was not to go 'Gault', but just so work could be pursued without irrelevant distraction from people attempting to validate themselves loudly and without much rational thought.

Ultimately as in reality as with fiction the ultimate goal is to provide any number of public services to humanity, not for profit- though some will surely profit from them when the time comes- but in the interest of advancing science and humanity itself. Though there is some concern about whether some technologies will ever be entirely safe to the social contract.

I mean, consider if we had in fact perfected a form of human clothing. Or had launched a program I call A.R.D.Y.H. in which one person could simultaneously direct any number of their own clones while sharing a singular consciousness? One mind, multiple bodies, instant gestalt entity. The potential is amazing, but that thing- which we certainly haven't done- could be horribly misused by any number of very lucky billionaires to secure themselves a sort of immortality by just passing on their consciousness to younger selves.

Stagnation is the way of that. No, far better to let them just keep freezing their heads.

(Added for comparison. #0)

The A.R.D.Y.H. program which we didn't ever do was inspired by Dr. McNinja.

Dr. McNinja is a Doctor and a Ninja who thanks to a mentorship under the clone of Benjamin Franklin had the opportunity to clone himself and take ALL of the college courses- then, getting into REALLY crazy territory re-consolidated all of those clones back into a singular entity. Now, while I do my best to maintain at least a mediocre understanding of the various projects our henchpeople undertake- and I still really like the term henchpeople. You just don't see it much anymore. YES I know it has negative and villainous connotations, but it's also much more fun. It's not as if I have anyone out there knocking over banks.

Ridiculous that anyone ever DID have henchpeople do that even in fiction, if you really want to steal a ton of money investment banking is where you send people. Hedge funds, options, calls! They might as well be cheat codes for the economic system and it's really a wonder it hasn't already collapsed over the conjuring going on.

But then, that's probably what THEY have to manage. They basically are the banking system after all. Bet that's a headache.

That's where many of my predecessors have gone wrong. Trying to rule the world is a fool's errand. By the time I am prepared to retire, I am going to go for a small nation and even THEN I intend to rule discreetly from behind the scenes.

No slapping MY face up everywhere. You're just daring someone to punch it then, and what good does that do?

It only works for this egomaniac because he's fictional. Also if recent reports on the state of the Marvel Universe are correct, has effectively ascended to Godhood. God Emperor Doom.
But perhaps most importantly everyone who thinks they are suited to ruling the world primarily reveal they are utterly incapable of properly self-evaluating and noting their own weaknesses. Specifically, no one alive or has ever lived yet is up to the task of managing a world prosperously in a fashion that doesn't reduce the complexity of countless social structures into a barbaric parody of freedom.

If most such leaders every sincerely asked themselves if they really wanted the hassle of dealing civilly with every problem of every culture on the planet- and answered honestly- they would probably say no.

Most of them just want to be dominant, not unlike a poorly trained dog. Could as well tell them they're the boss and stick them in a mansion somewhere surrounded by well-paid sycophants and call it a day. Perhaps fake the odd execution to cater to their delusions and hope they save everyone a bit of money by attempting to willpower their way into flight from the top of a skyscraper.

Speaking of bungling. America got hacked again. China probably did it, I'm not going to have anyone look into it. So we're one step closer to the United Nations of Chimerica! Big woop. The countries are practically symbiotic at this point anyway, given the zeal with which American politicians sell away bits of their government to private entities it might just have been a matter of time until China bought the country wholesale.

Remember ladies, if you are in an elevator with Jim Sterling and he starts sweating heavily and breathing rapidly he's just afraid he'll be mistaken for a rapist. Just exit the elevator as soon as possible, for their peace of mind.

I am not sure what else I intended to cover here and #0 is being rather obnoxious, so just look at this thing up there.

Most of us are right with that Dad who smacks down the guy kicking at his kid. But there's another part who happen to know the kicker is the retard kicking the kid is actually retarded. Which is one of the finer excuses for behaving retardedly.

The problem is, with two fairly valid points of view to this a bunch of people had a bizzare seizure over deciding which one to hate more. Can't hate the mentally handicapped guy rationally but the Father probably wasn't thinking that rationally. This, folks, was an unfortunate incident. No one needs to be hated, arrested or executed here.

If any fault could be found, it would be with the parents who either didn't act fast enough, or acted a little faster than he probably should have.

Rash action is rash, especially when the kid clearly wasn't injured.

I'm... going to stop this here. I'm starting to see unnerving things.

Progress continues...

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