Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Briefly, Horrors of Land and Sea.

Progress continues.

Regrettably I have not found the time to write anything remarkable today. There was some Dentist who shot an elderly Lion and now bored people want to lynch them, so they've gone into hiding while everyone they hired to help them faces heavy charges.

The Dentist in question was an idiot who had more, pardon the cliche, dollars than sense but- let's face it- endangered or not Lions are jerks.

Reasons why can be found here among those listedBu by Glados' Lion Core.

The Dentist in question should be caught and fined into oblivion and maybe gifted a short vacation in jail but anyone who thinks this event warrants their condemnation to any sort of hell has clearly not considered that maybe the Lion's endangered status is partially because they are the worst cats.

Though the cubs are adorable until their stepdad eats them.

In any case, I cannot be arsed to care terribly much- so have Not-Morgan-Freeman drop some useless fact bombs on you about horrors Nature Hath Wrought while I return to work.

Progress continues.

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