Friday, May 1, 2015


Progress continues.

The stealth system, I would like to note, works brilliantly now. Naturally there are long-term studies to be carried out, but all indications point to it being as safe as the usual background EMF radiation of our modern lives- so long as no one is idiotic enough to run it at length with the generator housing open. Again.

In other news, Internet Journalism continues to look very much like a Unicorn. Which is to say, something people talk about, but any examples inevitably prove to be a Donkey someone nailed a walrus tusk onto before spray-painting them white.

Or purple and it's in fact a photo-shopped Musclebrony.

A pair of internet jokesters were interviewed by Buzzfeed 'News' reporter Ema O'Connor. One of the interviews can be seen here as the record was posted to forums of comedy site Something Awful before the article.

I'm sorry, internet blog reader, but I'm afraid I have to block you now as a safety reasons.
The article itself is a brilliant piece, just not in the way the seller perhaps imagined.

Editor's note: we can't prove anything we're saying in this story and the only sources are internet trolls, but here it is anyway. Source
In a statement of profound self-unawareness you may note in the top right quarter of that they mention a "The King of Bullsh*t News". It's not about themselves. Pot, kettle, splinter, log.

Central European News is reporting false information, unlike us here at Buzzfeed! Source
Well done, Something Awful.
This is all Poe's Law in action, and sadly for all the laughs the internet trolls are getting out of this, this misinformation will remain profoundly useful to the Buzzfeeds of the world, who don't care if it is a joke so long as it serves their purposes.

Progress continues!

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