Tuesday, April 28, 2015

An Unanticipated Reconsideration

Progress Continues.

Something rather unusual has occurred.

Well done, Valve and/or Bethesda
They seem to have noticed how badly this system was being received and reconsidered, which is absolutely fantastic. Companies of their size usually rely on their weight to drive bad ideas through with your average train applying brakes more often.

Now that I have gone on record as opposing this now defunct system, I would note that if Valve and Bethesda do want to ease content creators into advancing into the production of new games like Killing Floor, DOTA and so on there are ways of monetizing this work that would not necessarily infuriate so much of the community nor so profoundly change the dynamics thereof.

As a proposed alternative, they could have seen fit to curate a paid mod-pack. The community could have voted their favorite mods into the pack, and would likely be happy to pay for it not only to encourage the modders but also to avoid the hassle of getting their favorite mods to play nicely together.

Meanwhile those uninterested or unable to pay could still compile their favorites themselves which would presumably remain individually available. Giving the creators that much more exposure for their work and inviting no less sincere moral support from those players.

Valve or Bethesda at that point could have done somewhat more to justify a seventy-five percent share of the income by appointing a person to ensure the modpack remains compatible with the game- offering that measure of consumer protection Valve left flapping in the wind this time.

It takes away nothing, offers a service and shouldn't mangle the social dynamic.

There may be other ways, of course, but I believe this would have done more to encourage goodwill or at least cost a fair bit less.

In any case, kudos to Valve and/or Bethesda for recognizing the value of goodwill and when an idea- regardless of intention- is making things worse rather than better.

Entirely unrelated, but quality humor

Progress continues.

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