Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Filled Niches

Progress continues.

Although we had to shut down a project today.

A social media lab crew had been working on a cure for online harassment. It was going to be a software platform for social media called Knightr, and worked thusly.

Knightr allowed users to easily report their harassment and maintain complete control over their story. Once reported, users would have had the option of keeping their report private and cataloging it in case it escalated, or they could have made the report public. 

If they chose to make it public, they would have been able to choose from a menu of options on how they want bystanders to support them, take action, or intervene. 

They would have also been given extensive resources including: safety planning, materials on how to differentiate an empty threat from a real threat, online harassment laws and details on how to report their harassment to authorities (if requested), and referrals to other organizations that can provide counseling and legal services.

Now, simulations had suggested in practice this would easily lend itself to people wishing to use it to raise internet hate mobs of their own, albeit on accusations of misogyny, racism, transphobia whatever.

We might have solved those issues in time, maybe, but why we really had to can it was because this niche was just filled.

Meet Heartmob!

Because as we all know, the best way to solve social problems is with mobs of angry people eager to be heroes who are only being told what one person wants them to hear.

Whoop whoop!

In other news Men's Rights Activists are apparently very mad that Mad Max is Feminist.

Return of Kings : 'Maybe we got carried away with this democracy thing.'

Feminist Frequency is mad that it's Masculinist.

Feminism means movies in which every conflict is resolved over cups of tea, I guess?
And a woman who actually works in Hollywood is mad that it it's not being recognized as Feminist.

This person should not be confused with Leigh Alexander, to whom they have no connection. Lexi seems to be sober.
Lexi Alexander, by the way, also deserves some credit for the best Punisher film to date, Punisher : War Zone, Which is not to say that that movie was terribly well loved- just the best one thus far.

Unless of course you're looking for something so comically bad that heavy-drinking is called for. In THAT case you want this one, featuring a surplus of naked Dolph Lundgren.

As for Mad Max, by most accounts whatever agenda it supposedly serves, it's a great movie.

Or at the very least is the best yet- which may not be saying that much.

Progress continues!

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