Monday, May 25, 2015

Urmgosh, Bringer of Uncertainty, May Be Here.

Progress continues.

There was a bit of a distraction this last Friday however.

I've mentioned our new local sort-of cult of Urmgosh before. They've... met with some success since. That said #0 themselves has had difficulty nailing down their exact numbers when half of the adherents aren't sure they qualify.

At any rate, they secured one of the cafeterias for their first 'ritual service', which I was hesitantly disinclined to prohibit. Still, they agreed to every security stipulation.

At roughly 21:00 ALT (Arketer Lab Time, for those just arriving.) their service began.

After fielding some complaints over what transpired after that point I was obligated to review the footage.

The whole thing began with them taking turns in no particular pattern to determine what, as a new and probably joke-based faith, they should be doing. Ultimately they determined that they should follow the pattern of other- generally mythical- cults such as those found in H.P. Lovecrafts C'thulhu mythos and start by summoning their 'Lord' or 'Lady' or 'Leader' and quite possibly 'Overthing' into our reality.

Which then raised a question of how, to which no one had a clear answer.

At around 21:34 ALT they went to work anyway.

One of them kicked things off by sacrificing a chicken ritualistically by cutting off it's head and filling a goblet with it's blood. Then less ritualistically by plucking it and cooking it.

Another of them and their spouse then supposedly started having sex in a partitioned of section of the room, discretely. This was perhaps the most objectionable event but they were a married couple and according to the audio of the security footage did not indicate an unacceptable amount of noise.

One of the pseudo leaders started scribbling what they apparently thought were arcane-looking glyphs on the virtual dry-erase board, but by all accounts were just scribbles making use of the odd crude geometric shape.

Three other members attempted to improvise mystic chants. This sounded very much like three people all trying to sing along with a song in an unknown language which none of them knows very well.

Finally, one gentleman started filling his pants with an assortment of quartz crystals in various shapes and colors.

This went on until such time as their time was nearly up at which point they all looked around and asked each other various variations on 'Did that do it?' jokingly before- after getting dressed and unloading crystals as relevant- they fled the scene. One of them inadvertently knocked over the goblet of chicken blood on the way out.

That alarmed the cleaning overseer considerably and caused a sort of mild panic until everything was sorted out.

Entirely much too much time was wasted confirming everything was acceptable and rather caused me to miss something of an appointment. Still, I can't quite justify putting a foot down on this. Yet.

Progress continues.

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