Monday, March 23, 2015

Words as Gunshots

Progress continues.

Virtually none of it has been cleared for discussion however, one of the reasons I have opted to play Director Arketer of Tyria in a vastly more reckless and, securitywise, nonsensical manner as of late. I have great respect for #0's sage council on all matters of risk and usually heed it- but in a purely imaginary environment I may as well indulge in playing a Director who can safely disregard their #0's guidance.

This has led to most peculiar confrontations.

'Director Arketer' has been awkwardly stalked, had people attempt to 'take his temperature' and most recently a clawed, sharp-wooden-toothed, dark-hued Sylvari attempt to threaten and bully him for noting they appeared to be most predatory. Which, of course, they went to great lengths to describe themselves as.

The character was something of a bizarre fire-hose of manipulation, they prefaced many of their statements with caveats that if you didn't agree with them- you were CLEARLY a dullard incapable of understanding.

It was somewhat troubling, but mostly comical.

I would note that this was around the third time they had referred to the Tyrian Director as 'Meat Bag' by the way. Apparently derogatory biologically-derived terms are only unacceptable when other people are using them.
Do note the frequent use of insults, of which I have captured here only a small portion of, as it leads into a moment of such bizarre dissonance I briefly suspected they had to be playing a parody character.

Were their take on verbal attacks at all accurate, the Tyrian Director alone should have bled to death long before we reached this point in the conversation. In any case, no Directors were at any point compelled to suicide.
I believe this may have been one of these mysterious 'Tumblrites',

World-consuming Dragons are, quite literally and genuinely, bigger problems.
Truly bizarre and my every instinct tells me that, improbably, they were not playing this character for laughs.

To hold such a view that offense justifies violence is a toxic one indeed. It also would, and why I again continue to first and foremost hope this is an act of comedy, primarily justify violence against them. No participant made a greater effort to offend people than they.

Well, in any case there really is no accounting for taste.
As a Sylvari plant-person there is a small but not negligible possibility they were high and, in fact, smoking themselves.

Progress continues.

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