Friday, March 6, 2015

Bring back Gamera.

Progress continues.

I had intended to write out a lengthy piece about how The Dress had prompted me to consider basic human flaws regarding our inherent slavery to our perceptions. (Which is not, in fact, a bad thing so long as we do not presume OUR slavery is in any way superior to someone else's) However in my present state it is not only apparent that such a topic is unavoidably pompous, but that there is- in my present state- a vastly more pressing issue.

Gamera is lost to american film history at least. 

For those of you tragically unaware of Gamera, Gamera is a giant nuclear snapping turtle and a friend to Humanity. Specifically a small japanese boy.

I don't actually expect anyone to watch the entirety of that first of all, but a casual viewing should give you a clear idea that while Godzilla is indeed justified as America's favorite Nuclear Bomb metaphor, Gamera really does deserve some 'love' as well.

They are not only giant and vaguely reptilian, but additionally a fire-breathing Turtle capable of propelling itself via jets from it's shell openings. It has, among other things, a far more palatable explanation for it's amphibious nature and a reason to have fond feelings for humanity other than that it's just primarily proud to be King of the Monsters.

Do not mistake me, however, I am STILL fond of Godzilla additionally. I would perhaps be more fond of Pacific Rim if the whole 'two synced pilots' concept hadn't been unacceptably far-fetched.

It is still a perfectly enjoyable film, that said.

That is all.

Progress continues.

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