Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nepotic Complications

Progress Continues.

In hindsight, mentioning the budget at all was something of a colossal error. My how word does get around.

One of our foremost backers has seen fit to use their perceived added leverage and has firmly implied that if I do not acquiesce to a request, they will cease their contributions. This would not destroy us, but would put us back into penny-pinching mode.

Which is precisely what I would have us do, if the request was not... vexingly reasonable given the options at hand.

Apparently they have a relative they want safely employed, by us. Apparently the emphasis here is on the 'safely' with said relative under threat from the backer's rivals.

If we acquiesce, they will in fact increase their contributions sufficient to cover the wages of said new hire three times over.

I am not thrilled to say I have deemed it practical to accept, after the backer improbably agreed to a set of security stipulations from #0.

They are the product of old wealth and privilege, they have no marketable skills and their apparently sole field of expertise is face-painting.

Think, yes, like KISS or The Crow. Which they seem to have an encyclopedic knowledge of.
I can only hope this is not the start of a trend but think it unlikely there are that many more supporters so keen on what amounts to a hideously expensive Witness Protection Program.

Their first action was to request their number be #580087734, which I am assured is much funnier on a calculator.

I was initially concerned that this was all to cover for some crime they committed, but #0 insists there is no indication of any such thing and- having met them- I believe they only pose any sort of threat to the very concept of good taste.

Now the task comes down to finding a place in a facility where they cannot do any conceivable harm to our work or morale. I'm looking towards the fine people in The Band Down Under at the Subterranean Lab.

Perhaps you could use a 'roadie'?

Progress continues. 

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