Friday, March 27, 2015

The NUS Women's Old Tyme Revival

Progress continues!

Things are looking extremely good at the moment, Deep Seven has not had even one of the anticipated potential misfires and complications in it's development. The cloaking system that hid one employee as it revealed them for being a melodramatic yet reckless idiot is back to responsible development and all things said everything is right in Arketer Labs.

I would very much like to go into extensive detail, but #0 continues to be unreasonably correct.

Meanwhile, even though all is well in Arketer Labs, in the wider world problems abound. Today I would like to discuss one of the silliest.

The National Union of Students Women's Conference entered into self-parody.

For those of you who prefer to read me discussing the article, in short the NUS has elected to de-facto ban clapping because some of their delegates have found it 'anxiety triggering'. Instead attendees are encouraged to silently Jazz-Hands their appreciation of speakers.

Allow me to stress that silent part.

Listen and BE SILENT.
Well, no whooping because it's inaccessible to some, no clapping because it makes some people anxious. I can't help but suspect these people have some truly extraordinary parties indeed.

Oh. So, everyone attending these must be silent and refrain from doing almost anything fun because otherwise they will draw the ire of their peers? Just... sit there and listen to (hopefully at least charismatic) mouthpieces? That... That sounds rather familiar. What other places are like this...

Oh, right. Well, this isn't an entirely fair comparison. These people presumably at least sang now and again.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is what you get when you build a culture around being smugly superior to others. What has changed is that rather than being smugly superior over being 'purer' or 'more holy' they're being smug over being 'more inclusive'. Comically, the latter picture shows more diversity- but they are both extremely Caucasian.

I suspect actually oppressed minorities have more pressing concerns than being triggered by clapping or whooping and are even less concerned with censoring their own for the sake of such a rainbow-haired lot.

Curiously this event has led me to ponder at greater length the nature of reality bubbles and manufactured perspectives which I think will fuel a bit more writing. I have a feeling such has created the above and the Sylvumblrite discussed below.

Though in their case there are likely other troubling aspects that have led them to seek escape not just from reality but reason itself.

In closing, have a bite-size psychology. Which will surely be employed by jerks to reduce arguments into screaming at each other 'EXPLAIN YOURSELF' as opposed to the usual 'YOU'RE WRONG'. 

Progress continues!

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