Monday, March 9, 2015

Budget Concerns Resolved and The Flapping of Black Wings

Progress continues!

First I would like to happily announce that a 'sale' has been made that eliminates all budget concerns. We do not have such a surplus that there is room for considering new projects, sadly, but no further changes are warranted.

That said, we are continuing with the cost-saving measures that double as environment-protection measures because our fast-acting teams have already replaced one-quarter of the urinals in all Arketer Labs facilities with waterless variants already. (I was very impressed by this demonstration of alacrity.) Besides, they are simply logical in any case. Mr. Turner was also very insistent.

Nevertheless the revelation of a crisis averted was cause for some celebration indeed, which I was happy to take part in. I, however, might have slightly underestimated the alcoholic content of the beverages served.

Hence the previous non-sequiter plea for the return of Gamera.

Which I would stand by, actually, but would traditionally not have deemed important enough even to mention here in this amateur blog chronicling,  in practice thanks to security concerns, mostly the most trivial of details regarding the works of Arketer Labs.

Additionally apologies to anyone offended by my posts on the Guild Wars 2 Roleplayers forums.

The role-players there were having a minor crisis at the time over the inclusion of new, really quite ridiculous, black wing backpacks.

Arr, the Pirate Harpy be demanding yer money or yer life but yer dignity goes either way. 

Her wings are dark, like night, like eyeshadow, like her fall from heaven and the corner of the tavern they sit in,
listening to songs about suicide.
 Life is pain.
In a moment that will not go down as my proudest I parroted a joke of my own that all these black-winged individuals heralded the coming of Parpa, Goddess of the Southern Winds that Smell Funny and cousin to Dwayna (A white-bewinged Goddess in-game) thus the Rear-End Times were upon us.

It... was not widely loved and in hindsight was absurdly immature of me.

I believe the general consensus was that the wings were a silly thing to take seriously in role-play. I certainly agree, but pushed for not getting terribly irate about it as they would still not be as nonsensical as other things in the game that were, worse, canonized in the lore.

That said, a community of role-players is ultimately a pseudo consensus-reality and I did urge people not to make suspension of disbelief any heavier than they absolutely had to. A point entirely ignored by the chief proponent of the wings. Apparently their underage necromancer prodigy character would be absolutely incomplete if people refused to acknowledge they had sprouted functional wings because they were just that great of a Necromancer.

There are contexts, I will repeat from my post, in which the appearance of such wings would not be absurd within the context of the game. "Because my character is so awesomely powerful", however, would not cut it in my opinion.

In any case, thank you to all employees who kept their calm in this most fleeting of almost-crisis.

Progress continues!

She had to flee, fly away from this twisted reality, this debased society. Evanescence understood.
If only they would STOP LAUGHING!

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