Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Dress is in Hues of Human Failing

Progress continues.

It strikes me as more than time for a change of tone. Let us now look to something trivial.

In moderately recent news there has been something of a subtle social slapfight over the color of a dress.

This one.
Due to a perfect storm of horrible photography, editing and exposure to media there has been some argument over whether the dress pictured above is black and blue (Which it is intended to be and how appears to the majority) or white and gold (which it appears to some, who are either horrible evolutionary dead-ends or the next step in human random genetic advancement.)

What is amazing is how it got this far when people seeing different colors is hardly a new concept. Consider, there is a sizeable portion of the population for which this dress is in shades of grey.

And perhaps a larger portion of the population than heretofore known sees in Negatives.
If anything what I take from this event is that there are a shocking number of people who do not believe people can see things differently from themselves. That their own perspective is not, in fact, the sole valid one.

I can only hope those individuals have taken this as a lesson as to the mistake of making such an assumption, such a belief lies at the core of much of human conflict after all.

Meanwhile everyone who wants to argue about the dress is taking on the intrinsically stupid and monumental task of trying to force people to say they aren't seeing what they are seeing- because the alternative means the arguer has to acknowledge their perspective isn't universally applicable.

The dress debacle is the product of people who have problems acknowledging other people see things differently. Just, in this case, in a more literal sense.

On a tangential note I think when we have the budget to play around with new project concepts again I might put in a suggestion towards one aimed at creating a solution to color-blindness for those who would have it.

Progress continues.

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