Friday, December 4, 2015

The Intrepid Lemon Demon

Progress Continues.

Recently I have come to realize that one artist keeps turning up in my internet meanderings, one which has been turning up for a great deal of time. So much so, they feel a bit like an old friend, even though we have never actually spoken.

I speak of course of Niel Cicierga, or Lemon Demon- if one goes by their Porn Name.

Best known initially, I believe, for their song and "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny", posted below, they've made a career for themselves out of humor and music- but mostly humor. They are also solely responsible for one of the most personally touching songs I have on my alarmingly advanced music player. Which is not The Ultimate Showdown.

While I am only really beginning my foray into entertaining weird people online, Lemon Demon has been at it for years- and shows no indication of slowing down. It is safe to say I am a fan. I am, in fact, somewhat envious of their zeal for it.

No small inspiration as well. I keep meaning to write them a fan e-mail, but quite frankly just can't bring myself to breach the idea to #0. They really have no appreciation for such things.

Niel Cicierga is on Patreon, but without a good polarizing scandal which to ride like a bucking bronco, sadly brings in less than one-third of other internet celebrities who have ridden such things hard.

Progress continues.

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