Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015, Belatedly.

Progress Continues!

The holidays have proven distracting, on top of any number of other things, but they are nearly done with the impending new year. In the meantime, however, I believe Christmas Songs are still customary.

It's only six minutes, how bad could it be?

Meanwhile now that the actual Christmas is past- and thank you to the the staff who handled their collective Christmas Parties responsibly and without friction (though we again have security footage that will require deletion in some cases)- I have been able to get back to work properly and am beginning to find free time once again. Which, as some of you know, really should be much easier to do than it has been until recently.

A special shout-out if you will to the cult of Urmgosh the Nebulous. The Subterranean Facility loved your Christmas Pageant, but were- I suspect- appropriately confused by it. Was it supposed to be serious? A comedy? Parody or artistic? Primary descriptors used by the attendees were fascinating, surreal, and ineffable. I am sure Urmgosh the Nebulous, if they exist, would be very proud. Or possibly furious.

Looking over the video I was reminded of this. Inspiration perhaps? Be sure to have both clips playing at once, for full effect.

As you are all so fond of saying, no one can possibly know for sure. Possibly not even Urmgosh. Assuming of course they are real, which I personally would not advise.

A late Christmas gift to me personally was the reminder the odd person not paid in some way by me, or otherwise looking to destroy myself and all I have wrought, read this thing. Very novel. I shall have to try to upgrade the quality.

I hope everyone had a truly wonderful Christmas and likewise a fantastic New Year's Eve. New Year as well, naturally.

Progress continues!

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