Monday, November 30, 2015

The Plot Twist

Progress continues.

On some things anyway. Rather having fifth thoughts on Arketer Labs of Tyria. Specifically the Field Tests and whatnot.

I rather think no one particularly likes Roleplaying that uses dice in any meaningful way. Even when it's not, in fact, particularly meaningful.

Mind you, I quite understand. Dice interrupt the narration, the immersion and color. Their only charm is in ensuring true unpredictability.

But, for that to be the case, you have to be comfortable with accepting the consequences.

My goal in doing these Field Tests was to create a context in which those consequences should never be terribly unpalatable, no matter how bad they are in practice.

Of course, I truly do hate dice (barring some methods of alteration). It's only fair you know, they hate me. They hate you, too. It's rather as if probability itself resents having it's time wasted.

So, since dice compound the difficulty of interesting anyone in playing with remote-control Clockwork Simulacra- those are getting shelved and quite possibly the shelves tossed into the incinerator.

The other major aspect of difficulty- Remote-Control Clockwork Simulacra being too far-fetched for this highly realistic fantasy world with teleporter objet d'arte and fully autonomous Clockwork Simulacra, Giant World-Eating Dragons of unusual patience and a massive intelligence network (Pact, The Order of Whispers in Particular) that couldn't manage a guess that the humanoid plant people and plant wolves, the only such creatures of that sort, were linked to the Giant Plant Dragon- which was freed by one of them...

Well, that particular aspect of difficulty must endure.

Progress continues.

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