Friday, December 18, 2015

Viral Legacy

Progress continues.

Though I can take little credit for it. Having something of a sick day here. Vexing really, as for reasons I shouldn't get into that should have been nigh impossible. Still, I have a virus. But not Windows 10. It's biological.

If you choose the left option, Microsoft will reveal they actually already installed Windows 10 when you weren't looking.
The sad fact of this is that for most people this tactic will be successful. They will resent it though. People always resent it when you chip away at their freedom to choose. That's not going to stop "Behold my works, ye mighty, and despair!" Microsoft though.

They're really quite determined to force this, despite the fact that being a de-facto monopoly already ensures that the next time any of us buy a PC, Windows 10 will be right there on it complete with advertising and a pop-up that reminds you you can have a fully functional word processor/media player/etc. for a low low monthly fee.

They might as well slap in some novelty user avatars and rename it World of Windows Online: Through the Dork Portal.

A subscription model with a cash shop has been every company's wet dream since Blizzard's most successful skinner box. And of course this one comes with a surveillance package that makes NSA Directors jizz their pants. Though you can disable those, I'm told. At least until Microsoft patches out that option without telling you.

Enough about that, however. Normally I would not linger on this topic, but I am ill and cranky today and THAT, above, was the first thing to pop up and insult my intelligence. "Both buttons say to upgrade! Oh noes! I musts upgrade!"


Where was I... Oh yes. There is nothing like a bit of illness to make you ponder your legacy. After all, immortality is not on the table. When I am gone, and I must go eventually, what will I leave behind?

Surprisingly little that is attributable to me, as it happens. When I cease, so does Arketer Labs. I should have quite the long run yet and- worry not- all projects not completed by then will still be pursued. It just won't be by Arketer Labs.

Meanwhile I myself am indeed just a manager of the truly brilliant, with comparatively little aside of some, reputedly, good ideas that went into various projects. Still, when it is time for those projects to meet the world as a whole, my name won't be attached to them.

In a decade or so, perhaps I should settle down. Have an Heir or Heiress. Take a decade or so off of the expected end of my lifespan to open a cafe somewhere... Or I really rather think I would enjoy running one of these.

Well, time will tell.

Here, have something terrifying.

And now something less terrifying, courtesy of a friend.

Progress continues.

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