Friday, July 10, 2015

Fear and Laughter at Home and Abroad

Progress continues!

Now whether you found that funny or not, you might note that what ISIS does is not really that funny. Why not long ago they released a three part video of them killing supposed spies and other violators of their insane doctrines in a manner of horrible ways.

Detailed thusly by Generic White Guy so you can enjoy the fear and outrage without seeing anything terribly icky.

One of the the things Generic White Guy notes is that ISIS apparently went through the trouble of procuring waterproof cameras just to be sure they didn't miss a single good shot of people drowning.

So, in addition to being idiots driven by religious intolerance and zealotry, one might suggest that they are perhaps even more certain to be snuff movie fetishists.

Meanwhile while the murder of innocents is not funny, the perversity of the murderers who presume to be holy warriors is quite mockable.

I mean, apparently just killing people by shooting them and cutting off their heads just isn't doing it for these guys anymore is it? Nope, hardly gets the pulse going- it's so mundane to them.

It's almost as if they had to have a board meeting to come up with novel new ways of murdering innocents.

"Ah, Achmed, I grow so BORED with just rambling madly into a camera and decapitating an infidel."

"I hear you, brother. It just doesn't have the same thrill anymore. But what shall we do?"

"What if we... put them into a car and then shot the car with a rocket launcher!"

"Brilliant, fun AND sexy! But a car only seats four to five, and we have many more people to murder than that."

"Ok, ok, I'm getting more ideas, so exciting."

"Me too, brother, I'm at half-mast, keep 'em coming!"

"Ok, so, we put them in a cage and then... toss in a grenade!"

"I'm getting shivers! Go on!"

"Next we put them in a cage and... drop the cage in water, drowning them!"

"Oh, uh, but we can't watch them die underwater, can we? That... kind of ruins it for me."

"Wait, we'll get waterproof cameras!"

"Dude, that is HAWT!"

"And for the finale... Get this, we'll line them up and put detonation cord around their necks in one long line, then donate it!"

"It'll be like that scene from Infidel Movie Kingsman! Ohallah I just..."



Now there are no shortage of people in the wider world who would be horribly offended by this mockery of ISIS. They might ask if I am trying to provoke them into violence, which I can answer now by saying 'no'. There is zero chance this bit of mockery will prompt them to increase their murder rate notably.

They might imply that my mockery makes me in some part responsible for the atrocities ISIS carries out, which I am pretty sure ISIS would agree- one of the first reasons the suggestion is absurd. The entire idea they can make other people responsible for their butchery is part of their reasoning in pursuing it. Telling them in any way that this is working only emboldens them to do ever worse until everyone starts doing precisely what they say.

Which is, again, a truly laughable prospect.

See the kittens above? What if I told you I was going to kill a kitten every day someone failed to turn over supreme governmental authority to me, or somewhere in the vicinity of one trillion dollars.

Would all of the authorities who failed to do this be responsible for the deaths of those kittens?

So why would anyone be responsible for the deaths of ISIS' victims other than ISIS?

They are not truly obligated to murder anyone than I am obligated to murder a kitten because people aren't giving me power and/or money. Ridicule or no ridicule.

And therein I would additionally stress is found the best way to handle terrorists, which is to deny them that which they crave most- to be feared.

No, instead we should find any and all reasons to mock and laugh at these murderous lunatics as they impotently attempt to influence the globe by murdering all sorts of people who have far more in common with them than they do their espoused enemies and the occasional foreigner.

In lovingly documented ways that they surely aren't masturbating to.

And the more we can laugh at them, the better. We need to dissipate this miasma of fear a media that profits from it even more than ISIS perpetuates- nothing does that better than laughter.

A short supporting article, here.
This suggestion goes beyond ISIS and terrorists. There are lesser, more mundane, and far more impotent fearmongers.

Yes, Internet Tough Guys. Twitter assholes. A week's compilation of such was made by one Anita Sarkeesian, HERE. Miss Sarkeesian has famously left their home and had a police guard at public appearances over such.

But if even a quarter of the threats she has received were valid and serious- if even a tenth, then we would have spent much of the last year watching a tense live broadcast as Police battled the Misogyny Gangs outside of her fortified residence.

Just as a by-the-way.
Mind you, I am not saying the harassment should be ignored or is somehow acceptable, what I am saying is that accepting it all as a worthy reason to be fearful is counterproductive. (Unless you want to drive wealthy people and the dramatically inclined to 'save' you with Patreon.)

These jerks aren't saying such things to make someone feel safe and secure.

No, the harassment should not be ignored. Hold it up! Run it up the flagpole! Then point and laugh.

Frank's demonstrating a good strategy. Look at these jerks! They apparently sincerely believe their nigh unintelligible dribblings are going to destroy him! That's ripe comedy material indeed. Why should anyone do anything other than publicly mock them?

Progress continues.

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