Monday, April 6, 2015

There Lied Firedorn

Progress continues

As has become the troubling usual however, nothing has been deemed acceptable to share.

Speaking OF troubling things though...

This silly joke isn't one of them.
Obsidian, makers of the by all accounts lauded game Pillars of Eternity, came under fire for "Transmisogyny" for the joke above.

It is a jest at the expense of a character who if anything was trans-phobic. Such was the intent of the author and such was the content of the joke- however much you like the joke or not.

If in doubt, read about it from the creator themselves.

Such details however did nothing to dissuade the self-imagined crusaders.

Their crusade was successful and a fitting mantle for the Victorious was awarded. Note how they deem all hatred unnacceptable, because there is a huge BUT coming up.
Arivia aka Ice Queen Erika went to twitter and rallied the outrage addicts to their cause. Obsidian contacted the backer who created the memorial for Firedorn Lightbringer, who graciously made a different memorial to be placed elsewhere in the game.

Wait, kill all men?

Meanwhile it should be noted that the new memorial was much funnier.

But, wait, who is this saint who can adequately define what is and isn't an acceptable joke?

All hate is unacceptable, unless it's against an entire gender I don't like.

Strange, there doesn't appear to be a joke built into that at all. Maybe they are not be the best people to imbue with this degree of influence.

What you have here certainly seems to be horrible people projecting their hatred on others and then smacking it down to create the illusion they are better than they are. I suspect enabling this is ill-advised.

Progress continues.

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