Monday, January 26, 2015

Poe's Law in Action, Swift (in context) Revenge.

Progress continues!

The previous post regarding Fart Misogyny may in fact, be satire.

Of course, no one seems completely certain.

This is Poe's Law, of course, which has become something of a problem with the internet.

If you think it should have been obvious that Fart Misogyny should have been obviously a joke, having read about it perhaps you might want to look into Man Spreading. Which is, of course, the work of men apparently asserting dominance through sitting with their knees splayed and thus taking up more space than necessary and the subject of a campaign by the American city of New York.

While people being inconsiderate jerks on trains is indeed annoying, it strikes me as rather strange to claim it is a gendered problem. It is fortunate, perhaps, that the people moving systems of Arketer Labs are rarely so taxed that a seat isn't available even if the odd person is feeling rather cramped in the crotchular region.

Yet, if we see someone seriously believes that how someone sits down is oppression it's not much harder to imagine such a person deeming how one farts could be oppression.

Everything is indeed problematic, especially microaggressions- which I would note are not entirely without merit if they are in fact horribly termed. Nothing even micro-aggressive about them. Microbiases would have been better.

We are all subject to basic programming as human beings that leads us to be unconsciously preferential to those most like ourselves, it's a natural thing that served a very valuable role in a tribal society.

It WOULD serve us well to be aware of such things and attempt to curb them, unfortunately this is a delicate problem that requires subtlety and empathy as well as the awareness that everyone regardless of race, creed, gender or preferred gaming platform is subject to it.

There is however and unfortunately another bit of human programming interfering, which is to say the desire to feel superior to others. Again, the Quest for Smug. We have people who learn of unconscious unfair discrimination, determine how to perceive it (often incorrectly) and then use it as an opportunity to attack the perpetrator virulently as a monster who is accordingly beneath them.

This bears repeating at this point.

Naturally such an individual is far too lacking in self awareness to realize that by taking such a measure they are not so much as fighting for justice as making the situation actively worse. Their indelicate handling and assault will ensure the target is entirely unwilling to reconsider their behavior in most cases.

Even IF they can browbeat that one individual into succumbing to what is basically bullying, they will provoke what would have been otherwise needless hostility from people observing such.

Pictured, a scientist who was made to cry over this shirt.
But enough about that. I am happy to report that operations have ceased and while I continue to fear we will not be able to pursue the truly guilty, we have dealt with the organization that developed the bio-hazard that causes Strawman Syndrome.

You may recall that we dealt with the individuals who unthinkingly dispersed the weapon over the Arketer Labs facilities by infecting them with the agent they delivered and then curing them.

You may also recall that we had reason to think the creators of the infectious agent were interested in our cure. So, as a precaution we 'tagged' the cured by a means I shall not disclose here before releasing them.

Happily, three of the individuals were soon abducted and carried away to what had up until that point been a very well-hidden bio-weapons facility owned by Kurgan Bio-synthetics.

There was a facility here. It's gone now.
A hearty congratulations to C.Z.S.S. Teams 2,3,6 and 8 for their swift and bloodless seizure of the facility, and safe disposal thereof.

No lesser accolades should be given the emergency teams assigned to determining and enacting a means of dismantling the Kurgan Bio-synthetics corporate infrastructure. So effective were they that precious few could prove Kurgan Bio-synthetics ever existed.

Sadly, while there is proof they were acting on orders from higher up there was no further thread to follow. Which is not to say we have learned nothing at all.

It was not practical to seize the entirety of the Kurgan Bio-Synthetics staff and as such we needed to release much of the staff out of nothing more than their jobs. All participants in the chain of command who carried out orders to create the Strawman Syndrome bio-weapon however have been taken in and will be dealt with non-lethally.

Progress continues!

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