Friday, January 2, 2015

Deep Seven : #15, Inbox, Invitation

Progress continues!

Deep in an abyssal sea, the Nanite cloud has begun work on the basic framework of Deep Seven. The foundation, I am happy to report, is more or less complete. Fortunately during this latest biological attack it was revealed that the location of Deep Seven's construction has remained secret as there was no outbreak of Strawman Syndrome among the oversight crew.

There have been no further attacks by the mysterious sea creatures, but their song has been heard. Whatever they are, they're watching.

From the Inbox!

Dear Director,

I assume I can safely speak for everyone when I say Thank You for your contributions to the New Years celebration. However, I am sure you are aware that some of the parties exceeded good taste to a fair degree. Will there be repercussions?

Yes, though limited. While I am myself a proponent of responsible celebration, especially after the events of this year I can certainly understand the value of allowing people to unwind in whatever manner they see fit- within reason. Hence the lab lockdowns. Additionally, in making alcohol unusually more accessible I suppose one should expect a certain percentage of any populace to imbibe a bit too much.

So, repercussions are as such, security footage has recorded most of the excessive events you likely refer to and while most of it will as a matter of course be erased, those detailing acts of vandalism or particularly unpleasant bits of messmaking will be copied and forwarded to those responsible along with helpful information as to how they can best assist the cleaning crews and repair teams assigned to the relevant areas.

As you may also be aware there is a pre-existing volunteer cleanup detail who have not been tasked in this fashion, so please be considerate of them all and just let them get things back in order.

Director Arketer

When can we see some action against the individuals responsible for this attack? I have lost an unconscionable amount of work to this distraction and would see such things discouraged thoroughly.

Patience please. While we have the continuing vague idea as to the origin of the attack, odds are slim we will be able to strike directly at the individual(s) who ordered it. We may or may not, however, have identified the agency employed to execute the order and set about arranging an appropriate response. Time will be necessary, however, to remove all doubt.

As a side note, there is some noise indicating whoever they are is very interested obtaining our cure. I am personally troubled by this as it seems to indicate there is some flaw or shortcoming in their own.

Regardless of who ordered the attack, these people are a dangerously reckless group and given what some agencies have said about us- that should be a most damning indictment indeed.

Finally, I would like to invite the random people who have stumbled across this idle-time project of mine to leave their own questions, either via the comment system or the anonymized e-mail address:

I have it in mind to answer all questions to the finest degree #0 deems operationally safe.

In the meantime I would like to ask, how well do YOU know your signifigant other?

I wonder if I really should move this part to a tumblr...

Progress continues.

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