Monday, January 12, 2015

Lesser Vengeance Achieved and Congratulations to the S.L. Talent Contest Victor.

Progress continues!

The attacks on Arketer Labs facilities have been traced back to certain key origin points, which I can now mention safely as such origin points are no longer in operation.

No fatalities among the individuals working there, for the record. There is no indication thus far that anyone working there knew precisely what they were doing. Apparently they believed they were dispersing an antitoxin at various chemical spills.

Well, they were told that in any case. Apparently the thin story was sufficient for them to do the work even if they didn't believe it.

As an object lesson they have been rounded up into a containment unit, infected with the Strawman-Syndrome producing agent, and allowed to scream themselves hoarse at each other, maybe fight a little.

They have since been cured and released.

It really was an extraordinary sight though, around 30 men and women taking turns in a grand melee over such topics as "Are the contents of Totalbiscuit's Refridgerator Embarassing?" and "Is the boardgame 'Guess Who' misogynistic?".

While an argument could be made for lack of equitable female representation, 1: You aren't supposed to select who your person is according to the rules. It is supposed to be randomly determined. 2: It's an insanely trivial issue.
It is important to note that in these arguments/brawls, there was no winner. No one wins.

We were very careful not to bring up the issue of seal hunting or Inuits however given the bizarrely unifying effect the topics seem to have on the infected.

Still, valuable lessons were learned, all wounds were treated, and no one so much as had their arm cut off by an industrial laser.

Work now continues to determine who employed these people in this attack and where their payloads came from.

In other news, congratulations to Henchperson #912248377 on their victory in the Subterranean Lab Talent Contest. Having reviewed the footage I must concur with the judges that your Maleficent (as portrayed by Angelina Jolie) Cosplay was extraordinary, particularly given your 6 foot 2 inches of height and prodigious body hair.

Don't laugh too hard, there is precedent.

Well done, Man-Faye. Well done.
Progress continues!

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