Monday, February 22, 2016


Progress continues.

Still, the news is indeed grim. Progress on Deep Seven has been smooth for well over a year now, to the point where a measure of the core structure was ready for pressurization. Well, depressurization in practice- but at that depth replacing water with air requires quite a bit of it's own pressure.

This itself was managed without issue.

Without going into too many details, it was deemed necessary to send down the first team of divers to tend to further construction in this area to render it sustainably habitable. During this effort, a leak occurred.

This was an anticipated risk, albeit one so improbable as to be deemed worthwhile to take. Nonetheless the leak fatally surprised a member of the dispatch team who had boldly exited his pressure frame to work on a piece of delicate wiring.

Construction policies will be revisited over this. Meanwhile, a memorial service will be held this Thursday ALT 18:00. All projects not in time-critical stages will be suspended for the duration of the service. Members of projects in such stages who were personally familiar with the departed may appeal to their Project Lead to trade schedules with other comparably skilled employees. Volunteers are being cataloged in advance.

We will always remember #95300217.

At the risk of inappropriate levity, I keep seeing the lead singer as a young, shaven Weird Al. 

Progress continues.

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