Thursday, February 25, 2016

Society Must Compensate for Total Automation.

Progress continues.

As of the writing of this the Memorial service for our fallen colleague is freshly concluded, but that will not be the end of his memory. For those of you who asked, his real name is on record and his work will be credited under that name at the appropriate time as usual.

Now, we look back to the future.

There is reason to be concerned.

This is going to be an array of videos I would very much like any viewer here to watch.

This first one articulates most of the problems. Unfortunately all of the robots it demonstrates were specialist pieces. Not, really, that intimidating in practice. Baxter, for example, is more or less locked into position.

That won't be true for that much longer.

Now, no one should reasonably be able to accuse me of being a luddite, I and Arketer Labs have always been about furthering technology for the betterment of the human quality of life. We have pointedly eschewed weapons technology in favor of purely defensive technologies.

But weapons are not the only threat technology poses. This upcoming robot revolution will soon render certain economic systems utterly obsolete. Most pointedly, with all labor moving to complete automation capitalism becomes utterly unacceptable in anything approaching a pure system.

No one not already at the top wants to see a new Techno-Feudalism wherein the poor, unable to find work in any capacity, are left to starve. That's a shortcut to a bloody war indeed, either internally or first externally in an effort to distract.

But that's not inevitable. One more video.

This plays directly into politics, into the American 2016 election especially. Bernie Sanders is the man to push for the changes the U.S. needs to avoid social collapse. The status-quo is incompatible with a positive future, only a future wherein the super-rich only get richer and everyone else increasingly struggles to eat.

Bernie, the oldest candidate, is the only one who isn't living in the past. Education and health care for all is only the beginning.

Robots may end up making and selling EVERYTHING, but they won't buy any of it.

Naturally, I'm pulling for the ROBOTS FOR EVERYONE future rather than the ROBOTS ONLY FOR THE RICH one.

Then all we have to worry about is ensuring our smarter, faster, stronger helpers have sufficient empathy as to ensure they don't purge us as inefficient relics.

Palette cleanser!

Progress continues.

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