Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Progress continues.

I have been a bit underwhelming as a guild leader as of late, in Guild Wars 2 that is. Rather slacking off I think, not fully applying myself. No more!

I have it in mind to do things a bit differently with future jobs. As it was I was hoping to build fun outings out of in-world events and combat, but rather doubt it can be sold to people. Instead, I have something a bit more complicated I intend to launch.

Fully DM'd combat in which the hateful Random Number Generator determines the fate of the party. A location is chosen, ideally at an easy jumping puzzle, the party enters and plays as usual to a certain point at which they either are attacked by a big bad or attack such a thing on orders. Their characters will be limited to what their Proxies can do, each with set stats loosely patterned after their chosen profession.

From there, the digital dice decide with an expected relatively high failure rate.

Failure that should be utterly shameless for anyone, after all- their actual character might have done a bit better. Plenty of excuses and uncertainty. Glitches, hardware malfunctions or limitations...

Indeed, I have a 'glitch' system in mind that will allow players to attack twice on their turn, at the risk of debilitating malfunction.

Meanwhile "Dr." Retekra Rotcerid continues to be a babbling lunatic. Their therapist informs me that they're making great progress however as they recently came to understand that the name they have is a bastardization of mine and my title.

So they've announced their name is now "Dr." Retekra Rocerid... Frod. Or, in short, Dr. Frod.

That's Frod as in Clod, by the way. Not Frood or Frow-d. Frod. Dr. Frod.

I really don't know what to make of that. It seems apt and yet somehow too honest while still being technically meaningless. I cannot believe they knew the Old English term. This has to be some sort of self-awareness peeking through.

I'm officially endorsing this, in any case. I'm even willing to tolerate them being called Dr. Frod without complaint. It's self-disclaiming!

Progress continues.

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