Friday, October 16, 2015

I.F.F. Systems

Progress continues.

Not, perhaps, where I would prefer it to... Still, progress is progress and the vital bits are taking priority as they should.

Events have prompted me to wax philosophical however.

Have you ever considered what makes someone your foe or your friend?

I've spent entirely too much time pondering this question in years past, and I find myself revisiting it.

Is it dictated by how you react to people? Is it dictated by how people react to you?

In what measure?

How many of your present friends would have been foes had you met initially in a different context?

How many of your foes could have been steadfast friends?

Who do you want to be your friends?

Who do you want to be your foes?


The answers to these questions, if you can answer them honestly, will tell you much about who you are and where you are going.

Not that you should necessarily share your answers. Assuming you are self-aware to the point of being able to answer such questions, spreading that around will likely tempt someone to test you- if your answers hold true they can then manipulate you based on them.

Knowing the answers yourself though... That is important.

Hopefully they don't mark you as some variety of sociopath, but so long as your sole answer to the last question is 'because it is advantageous to me' you're probably fine.


This is of course definitively navel-gazing philosophy, so don't get carried away with it. It does nothing in itself, but simply serves as a tool for self-calibration to the ends you wish. Choose those ends wisely.

For my part, and I suspect that of most of Arketer Labs, those can be largely boiled down to leaving the world better off than we found it.

Do the locals badmouthing the Shepard justify his actions or do his actions prove the accuracy of the badmouthing? I err towards the latter in this scenario. Still, however questionable the logic at play- if you think about it the supremely powerful tyrants do seem to have been generally miserable bastards.

Progress continues.

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