Friday, October 9, 2015

Introductory Mass Deception

Progress continues!

Here, at least. Hopefully at Stage 2 as well.

Elsewhere there are... problems.

America bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital.

The U.S. is investigating, but apparently needn't worry as CNN's Mairi Mackay informs us in their article "Is bombing a hospital a war crime?", because apparently it isn't by virtue of the U.S. being too powerful to answer for a crime because it's just collateral damage. Yep. U.S. couldn't have responded to a report of terrorists at a massive MSF hospital ANY OTHER WAY but by bombing it for an hour and a half or so.

It's like when you find a spider in an apartment, so you quietly set up some demolition charges and bring the complex down.

Sure, you've murdered every family in that complex, men women children and family pets alike, but it was the only way to be sure.

Hopefully your jail cell will be clean, or you're a well-connected wealthy commanding officer who will be 'protected by your own'.

In times like these it often pays to look at news sources rather removed from the American power system.

Right now the best thing the U.S. can say is that "They are investigating". Please note that the death toll from this strike keeps growing. As of this writing it's 22 dead and 33 missing, with the odds of the majority of those 33 turning up in one or perhaps even two peices in which one part is still alive- rather slim.

If the U.S. does not hold it's own accountable... Well, suffice it to say you can't be the good guys and cover for a fool in your ranks who ordered a lengthy airstrike on a Médecins sans Frontières hospital. However much they are worth, whatever friends they have, they just acquired negative value as a human being, as has every person who obeyed that order.

You aren't going to get out of that sort of red easily, but if you don't have them start trying you'll stain the entire country instead.

Already the blame is getting juggled. They want to say it was 'some afghans' who ordered it, but that is understandably unacceptable to competent commanders who don't want people thinking any idiot with a cell phone and the right number can have the Air Force solve their problems for them explosively.

This isn't really a question, so long as the latter are then held accountable- it's the latter. Clearly. Yet...

Here comes the juggling of which is better- looking incompetent, or holding the person/people who is/are accountable.

But this is all very serious and happening in a far away land of people not like us- except for the doctors and whatnot. I mean, they were probably like us, only better. Well, nevermind, let's move on to something that is depressing in a different way.

Star Citizen is fucked.

Who knew that a man fired for never knowing how to focus and just make a game would blow 90 million dollars and fail to make a game. Chris Roberts is going to ride that nuke all the way down.

If you are inclined to read that first link, which has greatly offended the sunk-cost-fallacy victims, what is most damning in it is perhaps not even the allegations that are made- it's the reaction Chris Roberts himself has to each of them.

They allowed Chris Roberts to basically put in his own objections to every allegation.

In fact, you could make an article out of those responses alone.

Meanwhile people already invested in this game that does not exist have started calling the author of this article a hack and saying things like how clearly Cloud Imperium is not running out of money because they keep going back and improving things you see.

Actually, if you keep going back instead of going forward- that's a really good way to run out of money.

Also I found that Mr. Gio Getmoney (the fellow in the link above) has the nerve to call other people hacks and frauds to be shut down by common sense... rather adorable. He's impartial, you can trust him, join his star org!

When this starship titanic finally realizes it has hit an asteroid, it's going to be a fascinating show.

Even better? After 90 million in development costs, it already should take your virginity on command in a polite and enjoyable way, as opposed to the present figurative barrel it has you over.
I don't know if this game will ever see the light of day, but I cannot see it being anything other than Squadron 42 Forever.

Star Citizens may keep the faith, but ultimately that will only serve to needlessly create far greater cynicism in the world when reality prevails over directionless vision.

Progress continues.

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