Wednesday, November 9, 2016

They Finally Did It.

Progress continues. At home that is... without me... Well.

In the U.S. it's... Well, antigress. There was no candidate that should have been elected as opposed to arrested. Yet one HAD to win just like America HAD to lose.

Yes, the votes are in and the next President of the United States of America is...

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton on being the only candidate objectively proven to be capable of losing to Donald John Trump. Not only capable, but so certain to lose that over one billion dollars raised and the collective weight of the mainstream media couldn't overcome her poorly concealed corruption, utter lack of charisma and less than rousing battle cry of 'At least I'm Not Trump.'

Hopefully multiple worlds theory is correct and I can at least rest assured that in a nearby dimension a me is applauding a President Sanders on a well-earned victory.

Even if it means in farther away dimension a me is applauding the efficiently bloody coup of an animatronic Hitler, and/or being executed by one.

But more musing on multiple worlds another time.

America's Next President is Donald John Trump Senior.

So what does this mean? Well what we will likely see is that Trump is not as bad as claimed while simultaneously still not good.

The wealthy and corporations who had prepaid deals with Hillary Clinton will now have to write off those losses on those few taxes they still pay and start negotiations with Trump on their back-room deals. It'll be a bit more expensive but a small price to pay to override the will of the filthy poors which they are even more justified in running roughshod over now.

I mean, they elected TRUMP, those peasants!

Meanwhile they will conveniently forget they helped prop up Trump as he was the only Republican Hillary (whom they also propped up) really had a chance against at all- not because Republicans are good but because she is THAT BAD.

In the background, floating in a sad dance on the air currents of the political mushroom cloud that marked where faith the the DNC once was, will be Bernie Sanders- the man who could have prevented this.

He will be recognized for this by a select enlightened few who hopefully do well by him, but by many others eager to shift the blame on absolutely anyone else but themselves and The Chosen One...

Well, probably not.

Gee, sure was worth the DNC breaking nigh every rule it had to ensure Hillary was nominated over Sanders wasn't it?

Fascinating though, the terrifying predictive power of the Simpsons.

Well at least nuclear war with Russia became a bit less likely. Syria is still screwed though.

In any case, everyone can relax. It barely mattered which of these terrible people was elected! Trump isn't going to do all the terrible things Hillary fans said he would. That was just bullshit meant to keep the tools tooling along out of fear. They're all friends.

Hell, Trump isn't going to do a fraction of the terrible things HE said he'd do.

No, he won't even have Hillary indicted for her many many crimes. More than that, if anyone does try to hold her accountable he will almost certainly pardon her. Why not? After all...

She got him elected President.

Progress continues.

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  1. Notably since then Bernie rather proved he lacked the spine to helm the Resolute and Trump- for all my initial disgust and surprise- did an extremely good job in context that precious few big-brains appreciated. No wars started, one war ended.

    I wonder how long until the 'years since war(s) started' counter gets reset now.

    But hey, at least the senile puppet presently elected will be nice to people on Twitter.