Monday, January 18, 2016

Gratuitous Repostery

Progress continues.

I am pleased to report the Cult of Urmgosh is no longer a problem. It still exists, but is utterly devoid of a High Priest- who after a spree of excommunications was excommunicated. Also fired.

Not out of a torpedo tube, though the thought crossed some minds.

The Cult of Urmgosh is now reputedly lead by the illustrious Council Of Whoever Happens To Be In The Room At The Time. Or the COWTBITRATT.

I have full confidence in the Cowtbitratt.

Admittedly I have lost a lot of my time for writing here, a grave disappointment. To me, that is. Writing is an excellent hobby to have for one's mental wellbeing, however trite and vapid it may be- though perhaps all the better for the author if they can recognize it as such.

So, instead of ranting about something here I thought I might instead recommend to the internet wanderer another Better Effort wherein I had taken it upon myself to transcribe The Lady of the Fountain.

Part 1 : The Tale of Sir Krillin

Part 2 : Sir Owain's Legendary Lovin's

Part 3 : Sir Owain's Kingdom for a Calendar

Intermission : The Fountain of the Lady

Part Four : Sir Owain's Return to Nature

And now the traditional video from someone, in some way, vastly more amusing than I.

Progress continues!

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