Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Urmgosh Difficulties.

Progress Continues!

Though the latest complication again comes from the Cult of Urmgosh. Someone is most certainly starting to take it all a little too seriously.

This goes out to you, the new self-proclaimed High Priest.

According to our records you are one of the newest 'converts' but proclaim that Urmgosh speaks through you and are CLEARLY attempting to construct a power base of 'true believers' to serve your ego-maniacal delusions.

Oh, oh, I get it, I can't KNOW that an eldritch deity of uncertainty isn't in fact speaking through you in vague mumblings that curiously seem to serve your personal agenda- but I am perfectly willing to gamble on it. You, by your own proposed faith, shouldn't be confident in being the 'chosen one'.

This is making me quite regret my tolerance on this issue.

Worse still, it's simply history repeating itself. Someone comes up with a religion, some manipulative megalomaniac professes to be the sole 'enlightened' or 'chosen' one and things go pear-shaped in a hurry.

It happened with the Catholic Church : "We like this Faith in God thing, but what you really need to do is slavishly obey the commands of this guy in a funny hat who speaks with God's authority."

It happened with Islam. "I like this Christianity thing, but as the Chosen one I alone can give you the real book that coincidentally makes me the most important figure in the faith short of God themselves. Who I effectively speak for."

It happened with Mormonism. "I like this Christianity thing, but as the Chosen One I alone can give you the real book that coincidentally makes me the most important figure in the faith short of God themselves. Who I effectively speak for."

I am perfectly fine with Churches and Faith- I have some myself as it happens- but no mortal agency deserves Divine Authority- wherever that supposed Divine Authority comes from.

That you have the nerve to try this with what (may very well be) a whimsical parody deity is utterly unacceptable.

No one is going to be granted tyrannical power based on theological fan fiction in ANY Arketer Labs facility.

And to the odd non-employee reading this, please note it was made quite apparent this individual is not joking, particularly with their attempts to have what they deemed non-true-believers excommunicated from the cult under threat of violence.

Oh, and please trust I mean no offense to the Catholic, Islam and Mormon faiths. I am not pleased with how they have been run historically, but note that over time most have- for the most part- mellowed into benign to outright benevolent agencies.

All too many still go wrong with adherents letting their faith be dictated to them by the most excitable zealot in the room. Naturally I look in particular towards Islamic terrorists and the compound-dwelling 'fundamental' Mormon polygamists.

Please note that the aforementioned faiths are hardly unique in this either. Indeed history is littered instances of faith gone malignant in the service of 'Prophets', 'High Priests' and so on. All too many of this nature are still in operation today, from the should-be-whimsical con artistry of Scientology to the cult of Ramtha to the Prosperity Preachers of non-catholic Christianity such as the Copelands.

I still say we missed our chance to have them prove themselves by shipping them wholesale to Ebola hot zones. 
If I am to put up with such foolishness, I insist it at least be innovative foolishness.

Like so.

Progress continues!

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