Friday, February 27, 2015

Budget Concerns

Progress continues.

There has been a new wrinkle however. Recently the long-term budget projections were finished and, according to them, if some changes are not made we risk running out of funds.

It was... a jarring find to say the least.

Not that there is cause for panic, it just means we will have to scale back on certain luxuries. I have, with great pain, taken the first step by releasing my personal chef. Now I, like everyone else, will be subject to the cafeterias. Where my chef has taken up new employment.

They have accepted the reduction in wages and increase in hours with admirable grace with a minimum of death curses. I trust them not to specifically sabotage my food, but would not be surprised if the gristliest meat pieces in any meat dish should wind up on my plate out of spite for awhile.

I understand, Henri. I'm really not thrilled with this either.

I would note that I would also happily accept a pay cut, but as Director and Founder I do not actually take a wage to begin with. My needs are met by the Labs as I do my best to meet the needs OF the Labs.

I will however, be attempting to further curb any of my expenditures all the same.

Until this incoming money-flow issue is amended, there will be some minor cutbacks. I assure you every effort will be made to ensure the impact is minimal with things like... fewer napkins being given out, shifting to air-drying systems in all the washrooms, so on.

While we are at it efforts will be made to render all Arketer Labs facilities more planet-friendly with waterless urinals and so on.

Our various projects will NOT see any cutbacks on funding or supplies. Security and safety system budgets will not be touched.

That said, if in the course of your work you are presented with two options in which a cheaper alternative is viable and would not negatively impact your research, please consider it.

I have some confidence that in the not too distant future we will be able to release some of our safer work in a manner which addresses this expected budget shortfall, which in addition to the cost-and-enviroment-saving measures should negate any further concerns.

Remember, Captain Planet is watching.

Progress continues.

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