Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Deep Seven : #11

The Big Gulp edition.

This will of course be lost entirely on non-Americans.

Moving on.

Progress continues. More wafting for the most part. Analysts report that we've caught up on around 32% of lost progress on other projects. Various Project Leads are still reasonably bitter over the lost work. Still, it has motivated the defense specialists considerably.

Meanwhile the first of the captured mercenaries has been released to embark on a somewhat less exciting new career in a charming Mexican Mall, La Plaza Grande. The more benevolent among us wish them well in their new lives.

They don't speak Spanish anymore, as it happens, so it may be a challenging work environment.

Anyhow, playing video games online and thus interacting with other people has led me to realize it is perhaps time for me to make an effort to reconnect with my henchpeople. I have, as such, arranged a modern equivalent to a comments, questions and suggestions box. Which is to say, an intranet e-mail inbox that specifically anonymizes incoming messages.

From my perspective, that is. #0 can determine who sent what of course, but I have made it clear I am not to be informed and that whatever is said in the messages the sender is not to be punished in any way.

Honesty is critical.

I am looking forward to seeing what comes in! We have a selection of some of the finest minds on the planet here. Not A-listers or celebrities of course, it pays to recruit people before they can become famous. Very few post-celebrity are inclined to vanish with minimal word to their friends or families, and there is absolutely no reason to invite that much public interest.

I hope to have something to share here later this week.

Going back to Guild Wars 2 though, our Director has not been making quite so many friends over the weekend.

I do believe he has received an art upgrade however.
A crossdressing detective deemed him to be a narcissist and a tinkerer, he's been indirectly shot at and increasing numbers of Sylvari seem to be taking exception to him asking if they're Nightmare or otherwise insane.

And it becomes ever clearer there are a number of players that generally treat role-play as a masturbatory aid.
Additionally I am skeptical Director Arketer will ever meet that CĂ„nach fellow who sold him the location for twisted clockwork scrap again. I hate leaving that unaddressed, but I suppose they may have stopped playing in the month or so I was playing dead.

It is time, perhaps, to move on.

Progress continues.

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