Sunday, October 12, 2014

Deep Seven : #7

Progress continues.

Morale is high among the construction oversight crew, as anticipated. I've suggested to the Captain that it may be wise to slightly increase the scheduled exercise however. Henri's cooking is extraordinary but he does believe in both quality AND quantity.

One of the reasons I do not mind having sent him for the remainder of their deployment is that I will no doubt be able to survive on frozen leftovers myself for the duration of it.

In other news my spymaster, #0, (Their choice, not mine. I would have deemed it overly dramatic if I had been asked.) has informed me that there is noise of an impending assassination attempt on me. The implications are that it is the plot of a third-rate would-be Illuminati member hoping that my death will gain them some favor with the Order.

This is good news, as when they fail odds are said Order will get rid of them for me as yet another object lesson on the costs of failure- with the punchline being said hopeful never really had a chance. They lack the pedigree.

Really, they make one really successful game a megacorp buys off of them for a cut-their-own-throat price and it apparently goes right to their head. Absurd.

Still, I don't want it thought I am being careless. I have canceled any further trips out of my hardened facility, over three different escape methods are prepared and all of my henchpeople have been informed to follow Flight-Then-Flight-Then-Fight protocols. I would rather no one take a bullet or bomb for me, even though I am sure many of them would be willing.

Excellent henchpeople, truly.

Anticipated method of attack is a mercenary hit squad. I look forward to seeing them on a monitor in the near future.

As for Guild Wars 2, I have not done much Role Playing since Director Arketer purchased the 'location' of Watch Knight salvage. Presumably I would take my time in securing such an extremely dangerous location. It is apparently loaded with evil minions of a dragon called Mordremoth.

So, while that is happening- on or offstage depending on my luck in encountering a mercenary Role Playing Guild- I have set about advancing 'myself', level-wise. I am not taking it terribly seriously, but am making an effort to shorten the time it takes as much as possible.

These people promise %100 Handwork Guaranteed! I don't believe that is possible though, so this is right out.
Besides, if I wanted to go that route I could have simply ordered 82 to do the leveling for me.

In the process I have inadvertently discovered the secret lair of this 'Scarlet Briar'. It was a sorry excuse for a secret lair, consisting of a chair, a SINGLE monitor, a few chests and tables, insane scribblings, etcetra. Strangely not so much as a hole in the ground or bucket though. Apparently this Scarlet ascended beyond biological functions. I did find something relevant however.

I am deeming this discovery 'In-Character'.

Those are Watch Knight schematics. No doubt something Director Arketer would find worth acquiring. I should perhaps note said lair which this was found in was directly under the base of the Durmand Priory- the 'Smartest' of the three orders in the game devoted to fighting dragons. That it would be there, much less uncleaned-out by said Priory by now, makes absolutely no sense.

But then not a great deal does. I feel I can work around this, though I do have to work harder to imagine details to the lore which would render this all sensible. In this case, for example, I have elected to assume that the Durmand Priory is arrogant and not very intelligent and that people have attempted to tell them that this lair exists, but have been dismissed because that would be 'ridiculous'.

Additionally they may all be suffering from some sort of magical brain damage.

Director Arketer still joined the Durmand Priory however. This is supposedly my 'Mentor', which is adorable. They and their superior fit into the above theory admirably.

I elected to have Director Arketer join the Priory anyway as presumably they have the largest library and I would presumably have wanted access to it.

All in all I would say this continues to go well. So long as I am not successfully assassinated in the near future.

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