Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Deep Seven : #5

Progress continues!

The cavitation sub worked almost perfectly. If you are not familiar with them the concept is basically thus- you take a submarine and form a bubble around it within which it propels itself. So, ideally, what you have is a vehicle travelling through air instead of water and thus travelling much faster than would otherwise be possible.

In practice it is inevitably more complicated and even now it is not quite perfect. For a submarine it necessarily must not  go especially deep as the deeper it goes the trickier maintaining a suitably large bubble becomes. Other issues apply, but all in all it performs vastly better than other efforts are said to.

I am extremely proud of the project's engineering team.

As expected our arrival was met with a warm welcome by the construction oversight crew, even though it was quite apparent my visit came as something of a surprise to most of them. They handled it well. They are excellent henchpeople, but then I employ no other kind.

I gave a speech explaining my purpose for the visit in the cafeteria, with the cavitation sub's crew taking over the oversight of construction for the duration. A rough transcript follows.

"You may be wondering as to the purpose of my visit. Perhaps you are concerned that I am angry over the loss of Theodore, or the complaints regarding the website restrictions?"

(I paused to study audience reactions, a few were genuinely concerned.)

"Perish such thoughts! First and foremost I am here to thank you all for your continued hard work and dedication in pursuing the Deep Seven project. Give us all a round of applause."

(A pause for surprisingly awkward clapping.)

"Next, I wish you all to be aware that *I* am aware of the hardships you endure. The cold, the damp, the seasickness and all the perils of working far out on the ________ ocean as well as, let us be honest, the boredom inherent in what is mostly scheduled observation of an indistinct murky cloud."

(I take a moment to look over the employees sympathetically.)

"I say this so you may understand that I did not filter out those  websites that many of you seem to miss lightly, but did so as your work here is still vital. This, dear friends, is how it all begins. With the creation of this facility we will finally have a laboratory free from the nearsighted goals of greedy corporations, free from interference by over-litigious bureaucrats and compromised governments. A place where the advancement of humanity and sciences can be pursued in earnest! A place where we will RE-DEFINE what is POSSIBLE!"

(I paused again for effect and more sincere applause, gently calming them down after a moment.)

"As such I had to be certain there were no more conflicts over something as insufferably inane as #gamergate- or, just as accurately, the antagonists thereof. I would have thought such a conflict impossible, but 87 and 65 proved me to be tragically mistaken."

(I chuckle bemusedly as the atmosphere becomes markedly less enthusiastic. Some are stoic, others express a measure of shame. After a moment I sigh slightly.)

"But again, I did not come here to browbeat you all over the failings of others. No, I ask you all instead to learn a lesson from what happened between 87 and 65.

The failings of the outside world manifested within them to sabotage our efforts. They saw one group of people attack another group of people with and over vague labels and rather than recognize the folly of this act- attacked each other with vague labels made insults. They did not see the underlying problems and thus perpetuated them. Take note, for this could happen to any of you if you allow your anger to guide your thoughts and actions."

(Another moment to pause as, hopefully, they considered this.)

"I have ordered the recordings made available to anyone who cares to review them, to see for themselves where they went wrong. I insist however, that you not be tempted to think either of them was 'correct'. There is no wrong only one of them was guilty of. Instead, look to how they might have defused the anger- both within themselves and each other- long before they came to think using the remote observers as battlebots was a worthwhile price to pay for spite."

(A pause for a small measure of laughter. I of course chuckle along good naturedly.)

"And let that be the last I never need say on the matter. Onwards to the good news! In addition to providing a replacement remote observer I have elected to lend you my personal chef, Henri,"

(A brief pause to gesture to the relevant individual, who nodded politely- a fine sport about this unusual situation.)

".. who will see to augmenting your meals for the remainder of your deployment. Keep up the good work! I am- and quite possibly the entire world is- counting on you."

(I depart to applause and polite cheers, some more enthusiastic than others- past beneficiaries of Henri's work I suspect.)

As soon as the crews were back to their regular shifts we departed again. If there are further complications, I have faith they will not originate within the crew.

With that resolved, I would note I have undertaken a new hobby. One of my acting secretaries, Henchperson 82 (#82193087) had seen fit to babble about some time they had spent with one of these computer games presumably at some measure of the root of the whole #gamergate debacle, Guild Wars 2.

 Apparently they were/are a 'Role Player'. Initially I was mildly offended as I have no desire to hear about their sex life- such is the connotation role playing seems to often have- but I have been assured this definition is entirely platonic in nature.

Taking a further interest, it dawned on me that it could prove a worthwhile creative exercise. I have had 82 write up extensive notes for a guide and have made my 'character' or 'toon' from their account.
My initial attempt at Role Playing was admittedly awkward, but so far I seem to have been making do. I have elected to start simple, with something I should have little difficulty empathizing with.

I am from Divinity's Reach, apparently.

As noted, most of Deep Seven's creation is automated, so I too have some measure of time that needs killing when my genius is not required directly. Like the imaginary Sherlock Holmes, my mind rebels at stagnation. Unlike the imaginary Sherlock, I live in an age where there are more worthy diversions than opiates.

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