Saturday, September 27, 2014

Deep Seven : #3

Progress continues.

Unfortunately not enough time has passed to report on anything especially interesting regarding that progress. Nanites digging, drilling, replicating- billions upon billions of microscopic science miracles hard at work, but after a few days of watching them work the novelty wears off. Particularly in this stage when most of them are underground as well as undersea.

And they really don't look like anything more than a persistent autonomous squid fart at the best angles.

Unfortunately this boredom, combined with the website filtering I enacted has led to some grumbling among the henchpeople at sea. Personally I believe they are being rather unreasonable given I have left them with access to any number of time wasters, such as Happy Wheels or any vast number of flash games and such.

Cracked was apparently quite popular.

Still, until the next deployment arrives absolutely nothing can be allowed to endanger the remaining remote observers.

Which look not entirely unlike this artist's work, albeit with just the one manipulator and a few more propellers.
Henchman 54's daughter, during bring-your-child-to-work day, had named the remote mini subs Theodore and Simon after learning about Alvin (A reference to a children's cartoon or movie as I understand it.). In an effort to remind everyone why the website filter was installed I have adjusted the software to display an image of the late Theodore with the caption "Theodore died for their sins." when relevant.

I expect morale to improve, or at least degrade no further.

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