Thursday, September 25, 2014

Deep Seven : #2

Progress continues!

The first task of any construction is to establish a solid foundation. As hoped, if not necessarily expected, the nanitic constructors are seeing to that at an extraordinary rate while at the same time laying the groundwork for tapping into abundant geothermal energy.

While I have projects that I hope will render geothermal energy ultimately unnecessary, it will be a profound boon to have it available as a starting point.

That said, while the nanites have been performing to specifications I cannot say the same for my henchpeople who were to be the on-site observers. Apparently during the dull moments they saw fit to trawl the internet and, after reading some sort of divisive article on got into a heated discussion over something called #gamergate. I believe I wrote on a potentially related issue before.

Moving on.

Henchperson #87448324, 87 for our purposes here on out, apparently said something along the lines of how 'gamer bullies were getting their comeuppance' to which Henchperson #65532922 (likewise 65) took offense, citing the statement- and many similar articles- offensive in labeling all gamers as being misogynistic bullies.

87 then pulled up an example of some woman receiving death threats, which 65 retorted were probably empty hot air from horrible people. 87 scolded 65 for victim blaming and stated quite plainly that they were exactly the sort of misogynist that desperately needed to be 'spanked'.

65 protested that they were no such thing and called 87 a hypocrite bully. They then pulled up a death threat against some pro-gamergate university professor, which 87 immediately likened to a case during the Obama/McCain election when a McCain supporter faked an assault by a pro-Obama supporter- going so far as to claw a 'B' (for Barack, presumably) into their skin. In a mirror. Thus backward.

Personally, learning about this was the high point of the whole altercation, insofar as schadenfreude goes.

In any case, cutting it short the argument escalated into each of the parties calling the other a variety of names and culminated in them attacking each other's remote minisub using the manipulators as battering rams.

Estimated losses are one minisub and considerable damage to the other- which at least remained retrievable. More levelheaded Henchpeople have removed the aforementioned from their posts and confined them to quarters for the remainder of their deployment. When they return I plan on seeing to their amnesiac administration and dismissal personally. (For those concerned : No, this is not a euphemism for execution.)

I have remotely installed website filtering software to block all relevant sites from Cracked to the blogging sites that set this tire fire ablaze with their hyperbole-laden infantile efforts.

At some point I may have to see about arranging a course on civil discussion for my employees.

Still, all things considered no grave setbacks have resulted.

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